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  1. ColleenJackson

    Any patient care technicians here?

    Why would you have probably gone somewhere else? What, other than location, was not good? And do you recall roughly what the cost was?
  2. ColleenJackson

    Any patient care technicians here?

    Any recommendations on where to get training as a PCT? I am looking to get training to work while I attend school. I would like to get training as a PCT so that I can still work while I am in school for nursing. Any suggestions on where to go/who has the best program and one that won't cost me an arm and a leg???
  3. I have been taking pre-reqs to finish up what I never got around to when I was younger. Instead of going to school I had a family. Now that I am a bit older (50) I want to return to school and get my nursing degree. Are there any other older students out there doing the same? I am currently enrolled at Schoolcraft, but I am seriously considering EMU. Any advice or thoughts on this?
  4. ColleenJackson

    Are there any Schoolcraft students here?

    I am in the process of transferring to Schoolcraft to apply to their ADN (ladder) program. I would like to find someone who is attending and find out about their experience. I only need chem 051 and to take the TEAS V in order to apply, which I plan on taking this Spring. Any help, thoughts, suggestions, etc are welcome. Thanks.
  5. I am looking at doing LPN so that I can get back to work faster and then doing a bridge to RN later. Can anyone tell me where I can find info on schools that offer LPN. My current college does not have this.
  6. ColleenJackson

    LPN programs "14" Michigan

    I would be interested in this info as well. Thanks.
  7. ColleenJackson

    2015 WCCCD Nursing Program

    so, is the deadline for Fall 2015 6/28/14? more than a year in advance? Or am I misunderstanding?
  8. ColleenJackson

    WCCCD online courses

    Has anyone taken pre-reqs online? I am enrolled in Bio 155 and this is the start or middle of 3rd week. No assignments have been posted. Only slides and chapters to read/study. How does the teacher know if I am participating if there are no assignments? We do have a lab coming up on Friday, but that will be the first face-to-face contact for this class. Seems odd to me, like I may have missed something.
  9. ColleenJackson

    2015 WCCCD Nursing Program

    How far in advance do you have to have your pre-reqs done? If I finish my pre-reqs at the end of Spring 2015, can I still apply for fall 2015?
  10. ColleenJackson

    WCCCD pre or current nursing students

    What if you are finishing prereqs in May, you cannot attend until those classes are completely done? In other words, if I take 3 classes in Fall and 3 in Spring, to finish prereqs, do I have to wait until Fall application meeting for following Spring?
  11. ColleenJackson

    WCCCD pre or current nursing students

    What to do next? I have just started at WCCCD. I still have to do all but maybe one of my pre-reqs. At what point do you attend info meeting/application meetings?
  12. ColleenJackson

    2015 WCCCD Nursing Program Hopefuls

    Hi everyone... It sounds like everyone is ahead of me, which now makes me nervous about my chance to get in Fall 2015. I still have to take my pre-reqs. I am currently enrolled in Bio 155 so I can take A&P this fall. Does anyone know when the next info class is being held?