Advice for Older student looking for 1st degree (BSN)

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I have been taking pre-reqs to finish up what I never got around to when I was younger. Instead of going to school I had a family. Now that I am a bit older (50) I want to return to school and get my nursing degree. Are there any other older students out there doing the same? I am currently enrolled at Schoolcraft, but I am seriously considering EMU. Any advice or thoughts on this?

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I'm 46 and almost done with my RN at LCC. I will finish my BSN at MSU. I decided to go to LCC for the RN instead of do the entire BSN at MSU because of the cost. LCC is so much less expensive and they have one the the BEST RN programs in the area. There are quite a few older students in the program between the 2 year traditional track, 3 year part time program and accelerated 2nd degree. You won't be the only older student :)

Good luck to you! :D



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Hi Colleen,

I was an older student when I completed my ADN at LCC - it's been 13 yrs and I couldn't be more pleased that I made that decision.


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I have since gone on to get my BSN, and haven't slowed down yet.

There are so many advantages to completing Nursing School at an older age, you have a life perspective that is different then those who go in right out of high school.

You also will provide a lot of support to your fellow students.

My attitude was that if I choose to retire at 65, I still had many years a head of me, I might as well do what I loved.

Good Luck,

Reach for the stars :)


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Hi Colleen,

We are in the same boat, and even in the same area! I am 51, I live in Canton, and I am just getting ready to finally go back and get my nursing degree! Over the years, I have taken a lot of credits at EMU, but I still need to retake the nursing prereqs (which I plan to do at Schoolcraft) because the science classes I took are too old now... ugh. I chose my family too, and honestly have no regrets... life can get in the way of our plans sometimes, but I still feel like I can do this! I too would like to connect with older nursing students. By the way, what's the waiting list look like at Schoolcraft?



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Make it happen ladies you can do it!!