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Michnurse03 has 13 years experience and specializes in Neonatology.

Transitioning babies home when discharged from the NICU is incredibly rewarding and challenging. I aspire to transfer into the NICU next year.

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  1. "Job Filled".... What?

    Take a deep breath, I can completely understanding how you are feeling. I am going through something similar. Often they will only post a job for a limited amount of days, even more so if they feel like they have interviewed the "right" candidate. Tr...
  2. help! having a hard time finding a job at NICU as an experienced RN

    HI, I'm in relatively the same boat you are. I have been a nurse for 13 yrs, with no acute care experience. I have worked in home health for most of my career and now want to get into the NICU. I will be applying in the next few weeks, so I'll see...
  3. Nurses- medical provider needs your opinion!

    To go along with all the other comments - Nurses can't operate without MD orders, even the stupid orders that seem so basic. I once had to call the MD for an order to use a saline flush....he argued that I didn't need to call him for that, unfortunat...
  4. Why is it inappropriate to stand up for yourself?

    The MD probably had little time to spend with the patient while rounding, even if the patient started the conversation with you, perhaps the best thing to do is tell him you would address that question after the doctor was done. You calling him out...
  5. Hi Nurses, I'm relocating to Michigan after 8 yrs of being in California. I'm trying to transition into a floor nurse position in the NICU. I have one particular hospital I want to work in and I've been told by many HR gurus that I need to find ot...
  6. You should know better

    If I could snort bread, I would. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! IF ONLY
  7. You should know better

    Diet coke, in toxic amounts I just quit 2 weeks ago...............everyone take cover it isn't pretty
  8. Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I was yelling at the TV when watching the doctors on "House" put in a central line with no gloves, or anything else remotely close to sterile procedure.
  9. I got a job!!!

    Congrats, get tips.
  10. Nursing School has made me a hypochondriac

    You are not alone, it goes away after you graduate :)
  11. Should I take a job in Nursing home

    I worked in LTC in my last year of Nursing school, it was a ladder program, first LVN then RN. Your license can certainly be in jeopardy, as a new grad you need to be in a position to learn, not be the "expert" on the floor. In many LTC the RN is a...
  12. Where did you start?

    I was in banking, as a manager of a small team of office workers, I was 27 and one of the people I managed was about 22 - she was in school to be a dental hygienist and she was dumb as a box of rocks. Thankfully, I thought, if she can go to school to...
  13. Help With Clinicals

    Hi, Congrats on surviving your first your first semester. I have been a nurse for 13yrs, so been around the block a few times. What I find makes a great nursing student is their willingness to learn ( don's assume you know anything). If you walk in w...
  14. Perhaps you need to decide between your love of wanting to be a nurse, and your love of wanting to attend that specific Universtity, You can get your degree anywhere, and there are plenty of great universities out there. I attended a community coll...
  15. Quit during orientation

    I too worked as an CNA while in nursing school, When I saw an RN doing something I didn't agree with, i filed it away in my memory to be sure I never became that kind of nurse. In time, I learned the difference between good RN's and bad ones, but th...