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  1. aimbig

    Haying a hard time

    I have previously used PrepU for another non nursing course ( A&P 1) and found that it was not very helpful at all. The book that corresponded with the online portion were not similar at all. There were many questions on PrepU that were not covered in the book. I also found that while I was taking quizzes with PrepU that some of the answers that they gave did not match up with what the book said or what the prof. said. I, for one, would not recommend using PrepU and that you save your money and find a better online learning tool that offers specific NCLEX style questions to the content you are studying in lecture! That is my two cents, take it or leave it
  2. I am interested after I graduate in getting a job at Helen Devos Children's hospital. Any of you out there have a job there currently? do you know if they higher new grads? do they have a new nurse residency program? Is there anything that I can do there while im in school to get my foot in the door? Any information would be great! Thanks
  3. aimbig

    Help studying for exams for classes

    One book that I have gotten that really helps with learning the NLECX style questions is Amazon.com: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 6e (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Rn) (9781455727551): Linda Anne Silvestri PhD RN: Books it is a very good book and all it has is NLECX style questions in it. In the book it also has subsections of what you may be learning in the semester. its not very expensive and I would recomend it!
  4. aimbig


    I will look into the local new balance store that I have here. I heard danskos were very expensive, do you think they would look alright on a guy?
  5. aimbig


    yes I can wear anywhite shoes I want. right now I have nikes, and I hate them. I will look into zappos! thanks for the info
  6. aimbig


    I am just wondering what type of shoes all of you where, my shoes that I had for my first semester clinicals were very uncomfortable and I NEED to find new ones over the summer. I am a guy so any suggestion for male shoes would be appreciated!
  7. aimbig

    Spring 2014 New Grad Residency Programs -Denver

    I know this forum is a little old but I was wondering if you had any information on how the whole hiring process went. what was the interview like, what other things you had to do for the hiring process etc... I am thinking about applying when I graduate, wont be for a few years but hey. any information that you can give me would be great! thanks!
  8. just curios on how the whole application process is going, after I finish school (1.5 years, i know long time off) I am consider applying for this residency program here. could you possibly tell me a little about the process and how it went? what all did you have to have to apply for this? what about your grades? how competitive is it? if you could give me your thoughts on the whole process that would be great! Thanks!
  9. aimbig

    Couple of Questions

    thanks for responding. I think it is a little bit of lack of confidence and comfort. When I go intoa patients room I always say who I am what im doing, you know the usual for a student. I then go onto do what ever I am going to do, bed bath, VS, H&P, bed change, ambulation, physical assessment, etc.. When I am doing these cares I always explain what I am going to be doing what it is for, why I have to do it etc, during this time I do make some small talk with the patient, I.E, pain level, kinds/grandkids, family, sports, life, what they are watching, but after that I find my self in a time of awkward silence in the room while I am either finishing up what I am doing charting etc. well this silence makes me more nervous than I already am and makes my hand shake and I start to sweat, sometimes the patient notices sometimes not. Any advice from you nurses out there? I just want to be able to become more comfortable infront of my patient and that will help me do my cares better without being so nervous. My next semester will be OB&nuor/psych. I just want to be on top of the game for when I start in the fall! any advice from you guys would be great thanks!
  10. aimbig

    Couple of Questions

    my first question that I have for you guys is about communication. During my first semester clinicals I felt that I struggled with communication with my patients while I was at the bedside, I felt that I improved as the semester wore on but I would like some tips on how to further improve on my communication skills while I am with that patient. Secondly I would like to know how important grades are while looking for a job. what kind of GPA are employers looking for when you send in a resume? Right now I am holding just below a 3.0 for my first semester. what kind of grades do employers look for while in the hiring process? If you guys could help me out that would be great! thanks.