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  1. I I have been doing this job a little over a year and I do prefer it over bedside nursing. However, it is not exactly what I was expecting. I think my situation might be different compared to other facilities with an established CDI depart...
  2. Hello all, I was looking for some input about being clinical document specialist. Nursing is my second career. I spent 15 years doing accounts receivable and a bit of human resources (Workers Compensation & Disability) for a medium sized company....
  3. I am also interested in informatics. My hospital only has ONE person who has a degree in informatics. There are several "analyst" at the hospital but I am not sure if that would qualify as expierence. When I asked what they do, they said they basical...
  4. Hi Everyone! I was hoping some of you seasoned Occupational Health Nurses could give me some pointers! Before I became a nurse, I used to work for a small installation company that maintained a warehouse for 16 years. Some of my duties included handl...
  5. Hi Guys, hoping someone can clarify this for me. I made some very poor borrowing choices while getting my degree and now I have a humongous amount of student loan debt. I am working at a local hospital and have applied for PSLF. I have 8 more years t...
  6. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    I'd like to join the FB page too.
  7. Grand Canyon University

    GCU already reviewed my transcripts and I do not need any pre-reqs (unless they try to surprise me). I only need statistics which is built into their program already. Local colleges want me to retake Algebra and statistics (even though I have A's in ...
  8. Grand Canyon University

    Hi Guys, I'm looking into [COLOR=#003366]Grand Canyon University online RN to BSN program. For the people who are already involved can you give me some feedback? What was your total cost of the program? Did the college offer any kind of scholarschips...
  9. SNF/LTC new nurse needs advice

    Hello all like many the SNF/LTC facility I am working in did not offer much of an orientation like I hoped. I find it very difficult some days because nothing is written down. There are no manuals or protocols etc. We're extremely short staffed, half...
  10. Share Day/Shadowing advice needed

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if I could get some advice about Share/Shadow days. I have been on two so far. The first one I had a small list of questions, and the nurse explained everything she did for about two hours. Between seeing patients and tel...
  11. Johns Hopkins Nurse/Patient Ratios?

    I'm not sure, but I do know JHU is very intense to work for. I'll try to ask my classmates that went there.
  12. Frederick Memorial Hospital Interview

    Hello All! I have an interview Monday at FMH, and was wondering if anyone can share some insight on how the interview process works there. I have had a hard time finding much information about the interview process, and what I did find said it was a ...
  13. Frederick Memorial Hospital Orientation

    How is the position at FMH going? I have an interview there Monday, getting nervous as I still haven't found a job as a new Grad!
  14. Any new grads interview with frederick memorial hospital?

    How did your interview go Tenacious? I have an interview Monday with a Tele manager!
  15. Frederick Memorial Hospital

    Hi TerpsGal02, any tips on interviewing at FMH? I scored an interview for Monday and from what little I can find on internet, they sound pretty tough! I bombed my only other interview and want to make sure I do a great job! Any advice is appreciated.