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  1. Hello all, I was looking for some input about being clinical document specialist. Nursing is my second career. I spent 15 years doing accounts receivable and a bit of human resources (Workers Compensation & Disability) for a medium sized company. I have been a Med/Surgical Nurse at a Hospital in Downtown Baltimore for 3 years. I am looking to find a job that combines my past and present experience together. Can you offer any advice on things I should study for applying for this position? I know it involves using your nursing knowledge to review charts and request clarification, so the hospital can be reimbursed correctly. Is there software you use to help generate query's? A reference book that shows what relevant services a doctor should have ordered for a certain diagnosis? Hot topics you need to be master of? I've only found a handful of threats on CDS and some of what I read make it sound like you need to be an ICU nurse with 20 years exp. And others seem to have no experience at all. Becoming a nurse has made me realize that I need to be in total control of my surroundings. I personally need to do an excellent job & be a master at my job, bedside nursing is to chaotic with so many unknown variables I feel like a wreck every day I come home. I was a resource to my co-workers in my previous job and I loved it and I hope to find a new position in nursing where I can be a Master and resource to others again. Any advice would be most welcome!
  2. I am also interested in informatics. My hospital only has ONE person who has a degree in informatics. There are several "analyst" at the hospital but I am not sure if that would qualify as expierence. When I asked what they do, they said they basically review the doctors documentation and have them clarify information so they can submit claims for insurance reimbursement. Should I attempt to get a job doing this for expierence? I work at one of the lowest paying hospitals in Maryland apparently. We use Meditech and they don't have super users that I've heard of. Sounds like EPIC is where its at :/
  3. Hi Everyone! I was hoping some of you seasoned Occupational Health Nurses could give me some pointers! Before I became a nurse, I used to work for a small installation company that maintained a warehouse for 16 years. Some of my duties included handling all workers compensation & automobile accident investigations and reporting (to insurance); OSHA recordkeeping; Creating light duty positions for employees; Safety walk throughs with insurance company. I was never formally trained, but I loved my job but alas there was no where for me to move up in the company and I was maxed out on salary. I have been working as a medical surgical nurse in a local hospital for 3 years now. I must say bedside nursing is not where I want to be. I miss my old job and having a relationship with my fellow employees. From what I read, I think I would enjoy Occupational Nursing considerably. I have a few questions however… Do you have to have a BSN to apply for these positions? I read you need Get at least 3,000 hours of experience in occupational health to become certified. Many of the jobs I was looking at said you need to be certified. Where can I start to get the experience I need? What type of skills or special training do you need for this job? Do you draw blood? Do you need critical care or case management experience? What is the salary like? Is it comparable to working in a hospital? Do you have chance to go up the pay ladder? I also have a lot of student loan debt I am trying to pay back. I am working towards Public Service Loan Forgiveness which say I need to work for: Do you know of any organizations I could apply for that would fit these criteria? The Employee health department at my hospital is staffed with nurses who hurt themselves at work and can no longer work on the floor and no openings. I appreciate any input you guys could put in! Have a great day!
  4. Hi Guys, hoping someone can clarify this for me. I made some very poor borrowing choices while getting my degree and now I have a humongous amount of student loan debt. I am working at a local hospital and have applied for PSLF. I have 8 more years to go. I have only been a med-surg nurse for 3 years and I am starting to have issues with my joints, and I can't foresee that I will be able to do bedside nursing for another 10 years. When reading the information below, am I understanding correctly that I do not necessarily have to be working as a nurse to continue with the PSLF? That I could in fact get a job with the government in another capacity and still qualify? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Public Service Loan Forgiveness | Federal Student Aid
  5. Bunnybop

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    I'd like to join the FB page too.
  6. Bunnybop

    Grand Canyon University

    GCU already reviewed my transcripts and I do not need any pre-reqs (unless they try to surprise me). I only need statistics which is built into their program already. Local colleges want me to retake Algebra and statistics (even though I have A's in both classes my credits wont transfer for some reason), Chemistry and Nutrition and 3 Humanities classes.
  7. Bunnybop

    Grand Canyon University

    Hi Guys, I'm looking into [COLOR=#003366]Grand Canyon University online RN to BSN program. For the people who are already involved can you give me some feedback? What was your total cost of the program? Did the college offer any kind of scholarschips or grants? The facility I work in right now will not offer any kind of tuition assistance and I am unable to take any more financial aid out... so I am paying out of pocket and looking for some ways to offset the cost. I am afraid to engage my contact at GCU about this because she is some what aggressive and i need time to make my mind up. The local colleges around me want me to take 6 pre-req's before I can start their program, where as I will not have to take any at GCU. That sounds very appealing to me, but its about 2x the cost from what I can gather from their website. Next question is how are the papers and group projects? I haven't had to write a paper in some time and always struggled to come up with good content for my papers in college. I'm worried I will be eaten alive by instructors. Thanks in advance!
  8. Bunnybop

    SNF/LTC new nurse needs advice

    Hello all like many the SNF/LTC facility I am working in did not offer much of an orientation like I hoped. I find it very difficult some days because nothing is written down. There are no manuals or protocols etc. We're extremely short staffed, half the time I can't find a supervisor or my GNA. I ask many questions but not all of the staff here wants to be bothered by my inquisition of questions. I work 11-7 and I miss out on a lot of the learning experiences in the facility. A couple questions I'd like to ask (and please excuse my rambling and idiocy in advance): What medications absolutely must be given daily? I know this sounds silly, but when I first started working here, if a person's medication wasn't in yet, a nurse would "borrow" the medication from someone else. The state came and there was an issue with this of course, and the DON said that was a big no no. Also there were many times when a new order was written in the MAR, but the medication took a day or two to get to the facility. Nurses were circling that date that medication wasn't given, so the DON said the start date needs to be when the medication arrives. The day after I was told about this I pressured into working 3-11. It was crazy, I was moving the whole shift trying to do my med pass & tx's... and I got to a patient who had a new order for Warfrin. It wasn't in yet from pharmacy and I skipped over it. Looking back I realize that was a huge error on my part. I should have went to the omnicell and tried to pull that medication or even "borrow" it from another, but I was so flustered I had a massive brain fart. So what medications would you say MUST be given? What should I be looking for before I send a patient to the ER? I really feel there should be some criteria written down here somewhere! What would you include in a good progress note? For the night shift workers... when your checking your charts, what kind of errors are you looking for? Thanks in advance!
  9. Bunnybop

    Share Day/Shadowing advice needed

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if I could get some advice about Share/Shadow days. I have been on two so far. The first one I had a small list of questions, and the nurse explained everything she did for about two hours. Between seeing patients and telling me about the facility she didn't give me many options to ask questions. I almost felt like I didn't need to because she was answering most of them as we went along. After the 2 hours she very kindly sent me on my way (without saying, it's a hassle having you're here). My friend helped me get my interview, and I found out they had already hired someone. I am glad though they gave me the opportunity to shadow. My 2nd Shadow day was for a small hospital about an hour away from my home. I live in Baltimore City so the atmosphere was drastically different. I stayed for 3.5 hours. The Floor Manager told me this would be like a 2nd interview and she would ask the nurse I shadowed about me. When I got there in the morning, no one knew I was coming and they just tossed me with a nurse on the Observation side of the floor. The facility and nurse had a very relaxed atmosphere and it was a more comfortable experience for me. The nurse was very busy, but chit chatted with everyone in the halls or at the medstation. I had prepared a ton of questions to ask but again, I felt like I never had an opportunity to really ask any questions. The questions I did ask, she never really gave me a clear answer either. I would ask "How do you deal with difficult patients on the floor?" (There was a man making a ruckus in his room who was getting aggressive). She told me something like "we get more difficult (acuity) patients on the other side of the hallway" *blinks*. Right before I left I asked her if she could give me any parting advice, or if there was anything I should be aware of about the facility, she thought about it for a good 60 seconds and told me not really. It was a confusing experience lol. For the nurses who have had some one shadow them, what kind of questions do you expect them to ask you? And how? I felt like I was slowing her down or interrupting her whenever I tried to ask a question. I am not sure how to make a good impression since this is like a "2nd Interview". Any advice appreciated!
  10. Bunnybop

    Johns Hopkins Nurse/Patient Ratios?

    I'm not sure, but I do know JHU is very intense to work for. I'll try to ask my classmates that went there.
  11. Hello All! I have an interview Monday at FMH, and was wondering if anyone can share some insight on how the interview process works there. I have had a hard time finding much information about the interview process, and what I did find said it was a panel interview (this was really old though). I've had one previous interview at another hospital and was so nervous I did horrible. I really want to make a good impression and to be prepared. I was wondering if they ask more clinical questions or more behavioral questions. Any clinical questions I should be especially prepared for? I was told I was meeting the Tele manager, however later today when I checked their website it said my application wasn't accepted for Tele position, but my application for Renal is still under review. So I'm not sure what content I should review for possible clinical questions Any advice is much appreciated!
  12. Bunnybop

    Frederick Memorial Hospital Orientation

    How is the position at FMH going? I have an interview there Monday, getting nervous as I still haven't found a job as a new Grad!
  13. Bunnybop

    Any new grads interview with frederick memorial hospital?

    How did your interview go Tenacious? I have an interview Monday with a Tele manager!
  14. Bunnybop

    Frederick Memorial Hospital

    Hi TerpsGal02, any tips on interviewing at FMH? I scored an interview for Monday and from what little I can find on internet, they sound pretty tough! I bombed my only other interview and want to make sure I do a great job! Any advice is appreciated.
  15. Hi, Did anyone here apply for University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center Nurse Residency - July 2014 program? I see they have already taken the listing down and I was just wondering if anyone had a call back for an interview yet, or should we call HR? I have not had much luck with any hospitals HR dept. It sounds like no one wants to talk to a new Grad! Also - if anyone works there. What is it like? How is their interview process? thanks!