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  1. Hello, I am a recent BSN graduate from UTMB Galveston (Texas) and have obtained my RN in the state of Texas and am looking to relocate to Portland in December when I come back from a long term mission trip. I recently applied for an Oregon license through endorsement so that employers take my application more seriously. I have hit some dead ends though trying to learn if I qualify for the jobs there via phone numbers/emails found online. Could anyone tell me what the market is currently for new grads (especially out of state applicants) at Providence or OHSU? I am interested in critical care/ER/pediatrics. Thank you to anyone reading this! Chelsea
  2. Hello! So I am a new grad as of now (April 2014) with my BSN from UTMB Galveston and I am pretty eager to get a job at either Emmanual or OHSU in Portland or Providence in Medford, Oregon. As far as pretty much all big hospital nurse residency/internships in Houston I know of so far, you get hired for the residencies about 2 months before the start dates which are only twice a year whenever new grads graduate (so either beginning of July for May grads or February for December grads). I am looking to apply this Fall for jobs, and I am really committed to moving to Oregon as I have family there, but I don't really want to get my Oregon license if I can't get a job since all my experience is in Texas. Based on the fact I will have my Texas RN License as of June, and all the job postings say you required is a "current Oregon unencumbered license", can I apply for these jobs and assume they may hire me and I will have the two month time period to switch my license over? I really want to look valuable to the hospitals and my resume not immediately thrown into the discard pile. I would really like to hear the opinion of anyone knowing about the new grad market for out of state applicants right now, as if it looks pretty good I would maybe go ahead and switch my license... Thanks everyone!

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