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CosmicHymns BSN, RN

NICU; Acute psych; pediatric psych
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CosmicHymns is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU; Acute psych; pediatric psych.

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  1. CosmicHymns

    Maine Medical Center NICU

    Alyssa, I hope that you were able to find out information. I'm in a similar boat but won't be back in Maine for a few years. Is the MMC NICU the same as the children's hospital NICU? Any info would be highly appreciated!
  2. CosmicHymns

    Thinking of Portland/Bangor

    I'm strongly considering Portland as well and am curious about the children's hospital there as I'm a NICU nurse. Anyone have any insight?
  3. CosmicHymns

    how long did it take you to end up in the NICU?

    I worked almost two years in psych before an opening in the NICU opened up. I was nervous but I took a jump and they hired me! Talk about a crazy learning curve haha I'm a month off my orientation and still feel its the best decision I've ever made =]
  4. CosmicHymns

    Temperature methods in preterm babies

    Rectal is fine but axillary is less than 97.7F. We take them all the time at my hospital but are very mindful about depth and vagal symptoms.
  5. CosmicHymns

    New nicu nurse in need of advice!

    Oh, Kcv19, I'm almost literally in your same situation! I'm about a month off of orientation (I did it on days as well) and working on nights. Our hospital is very small and so our night shift is super close knit so there are definitely times where I felt like I didn't fit it or I was being overly annoying but asking so many questions. But trust me, ALWAYS ask questions, even if you've asked them before. I kept on telling myself that I would rather be considered annoying than risking the health of my baby. As hard as it was, I found a coworker who's personality and temperment sort of mirrored mine and stuck with her. Now sometimes I'll start off with, "I know this is a stupid question but..." and they don't seem to mind much anymore =] Some of the more seasoned nurses talk crap about the new grads and orientees right in front of us! But I've learned to ignore them, not gossip, and ask as many questions as I need to. If you want to, we can message and complain about our experiences ;] and bounce ideas/questions off each other? It would be nice to have someone going through what I am!
  6. CosmicHymns

    Starting NICU in 3 weeks, no experience

    LisaBradshawRN, I'm in a similar boat! Psych for 2 years, decided I wanted more medical skills, and adore the NICU so I applied. I have an interview next Tuesday. I've been told they like hiring nurses with limited hard skills because they're able to mold you into the nurse they want you to be. Good luck!
  7. CosmicHymns

    My PT called 911

    I cannot tell you how many times patients have called 911 from my psych floor. Thankfully, they always call back to verify!
  8. CosmicHymns

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Trazodone, vistaril, seroquel, depakote, and Prozac.
  9. CosmicHymns

    Coworkers that act like spoiled brats...discuss

    I'm not one to smile and nod. I generally wear my emotions on my sleeve (except the "nurse face") and find it hard to deal with overtly rude, disrespectful, or plain whiney coworkers. As a fairly new grad I've looked to the more experienced nurses on my unit for guidance but they all flat out ignore it. Do you guys have any techniques or appropriate one-liners to give these coworkers without sounding rude or complaining myself?
  10. CosmicHymns

    Obamacare and hospitals

    The fact that you refer to the Affordable Care Act as "obamacare" is misconception enough.
  11. CosmicHymns

    Interview Correctional Nurse Position

    Hey OP, how'd it go? I have an interview for a correctional nurse in a week and I'm super nervous too!
  12. CosmicHymns

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    So how did everyone's interviews go?!
  13. CosmicHymns

    floating medications in water to administer

    Floating the meds in water makes it considerably harder to cheek them.

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