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  1. ladylabor

    NPs and opening your own practice.

    The best way to find out about what states allow independent practice is to look at the pearson report, it gives detailed information on each state's regulations. As far as derm, I would think there would be a certification class you would need.
  2. ladylabor

    Cost of malpractice

    I was thinking about New Mexico because of their regulations in relation to NP practice. I am seriously thinking about this. My email address is
  3. ladylabor

    Cost of malpractice

    What does ooh mean?
  4. ladylabor

    Np Question Pay!!!

    Linear thinker, NHSC is an awesome program. The health dept was not an approved site when started. I did the qualifying application as long as you meet the guidelines your approved. I am applying for my side of it in the fall. Now I don't know how ha...
  5. ladylabor

    Cost of malpractice

    So I am a FNP and I am looking at getting my CNM. Here is the question, how much is malpractice insurance for a CNM?
  6. ladylabor

    Np Question Pay!!!

    Sounds like my job. The only reason I am staying for such a low pay is for loan repayment thru National Health service Corp. It helps to work in a non profit, low access to health care community.
  7. ladylabor

    AANP study tips

    I liked Barkley. Fitzgerald talks really fast. Good info either way
  8. ladylabor

    Np Question Pay!!!

    I do have to have a collaborative agreement with an MD for my RX other than that no restrictions. I cover four counties in southern ok. Most folks here Still ask when am I gonna finish school and be a PA I have thought a lot about moving to the we...
  9. ladylabor

    Np Question Pay!!!

    Omg MJaneP. What health dept do you work in. I work in a health dept and make around 60k.
  10. ladylabor

    NP to MD

    Do a google search for NP to MD it should give you a link This is a program that is four years and considers your experience as an NP. Been thinking long and hard on this myself. Graduated a year ago from NP school and just ...
  11. ladylabor

    NY Frontier NP Grads

    I am a Frontier Graduate, but I am in Oklahoma. I don't really think location is important considering the program is online, anything I can answer I would be glad to do so! I really enjoyed the program.
  12. ladylabor

    Need some advice

    Okay this is not medical advice this is career advice. I work per deim at a high volume and high aquity teaching hospital, well they have filled all avaliable positions with a new grads, so they are cutting my hours. I have only ever worked in Labo...
  13. ladylabor

    What does your hospital do post-c-section?

    We do diet as tolerated, immediate post op we start with ice chips or popsicles, then advance to clears for first meal and if that is tolerated we advance to soft (puddings, jellos) if tolerated then to regular diet. Nurses are listening for active ...
  14. ladylabor

    Im writing an essay regarding communication during labor...

    When pushing my preferred method is with low lighting and quiet enviroment with slow and calm counting, no yelling push. But there are some patients who actually like a cheeleading squad to yell PUSH and count for them. It is totally up to my patie...
  15. ladylabor


    I am starting FNP and dueling for my CNM at frontier. I want to work as a Family Nurse Practitioner and a midwife.