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  1. By1stgrace

    APU ELM for Fall 2014

    Thank you Emily for your insight about the program. I am also starting in the Spring semester . Do you have any tips or suggestions on what to do to prepare academically for the accelerated year ? Thank you in advance!
  2. By1stgrace

    APU ELM Spring 2015

    @rizzoland13 Yes, I did get accepted to the Inland Empire! Congratulations to you. Excited to be your classmate!
  3. By1stgrace

    APU ELM Spring 2015

    Congrats to everyone who got accepted! Do you all know the difference between the main Azusa campus, Inland Empire Campus, and the San Diego campus ? How are the curriculums different ? Is one campus better than the other ? Thanks in Advance!
  4. By1stgrace

    APU ELM Spring 2015

    Hi, I am not sure what that email means. Since I am given an APU email account I am hoping that I did get accepted. Have you tried calling the school to get a better understanding of the message ?
  5. By1stgrace

    APU ELM Spring 2015

    Hi everyone! I received an email this afternoon from APU that states "We wanted to let you know that we have updated your APU Network Account to reflect your Graduate Student affiliation with APU" and I was given an email account information. Does this mean I got accepted ? When I looked at my status of my application it states that my application is complete and does not show my acceptance. I don't want to get my hopes up. Did everyone get this email today ? Thanks in advance. :)