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  1. lyela

    University of Toledo CNL Program

    Your success in this program will depend your writing- English majors consistently did better than biology and nursing undergrads. A B is from 80 -90. CNL is not well respected in bedside nursing. I know some students that worked, but soon dropped their jobs or enrollment. NW Ohio cranks out over a 1000 RNs every May, so don't plan to work in the area. Of course all levels of the nursing profession are saturated Good luck.
  2. lyela

    Starting OSU's NP Program in August, Anyone Else?

    Before jumping into a NP program, I would urge students to do their own research on the demand for NPs and discount what admissions staff is pushing. They just want to put axxxxs in seats. I saw a chart the other day that showed most NP salary were below national averages. Also, keep in mind that that most positions are asking for more years of experience. Good luck!
  3. lyela

    CC vs UH

    It depends on who you ask. Some nurses at CC in certain departments really like their jobs while other departments are really tough on nurses. It is a large communality at CC, with diverse cultures even among the same departments. CC is on the cutting edge of medicine which may or may not translate to a good nursing environment. Management tends to treat nurses as a commodity- "a nurse is a nurse is a nurse" (although the HR department produces a lot of propaganda to the contrary), while MDs are gods.If you work at CC, you better understand this or your days will be numbered.Parking at CC is the worst. UH is kind of always in the shadow of CC.It is smaller than CC, but most nurses there tend to feel that they are treated better at UH. There is less emphasis on nursing proficiency and more on unit cohesiveness. Although some of the supervisors at UH were a bit vexing, I always found the MDs there to be helpful and polite. Benefits and salaries are for the most part identical. So there is no one answer to your question- Some may say I love CC, other may say I hate it. Both could be right depending on where they worked. Whereas with UH, most will be less extreme in their feelings and say it's okay. Sorry I couldn't be more definitive in my answer, but this is only my experience. Good luck!
  4. lyela

    How much do nurses make with ProMedica?

    If you have a position at UM, count yourself lucky. I am familiar with both health systems and there are many reasons why you are better positioned at UM than in the Toledo area. If you need more details- PM me. Have you considered moving to lessen your commute?
  5. lyela

    Case Western Reserve University

    Most people have talked to while I was there, felt that the price was not worth it. There are schools just as good, OSU being one of them. The cost of living near campus is much higher then other Ohio schools. The ranking of nursing schools doesn't make sense as the other state schools I attended were just as good as Case. Some of the Case instructors (won't mention any names, but my fellow classmates know who they are) were badly informed and terrible at teaching. I guess all it take these days at Case is to publish like crazy, get tenure and live off the fat of over priced student tuition, which you will be burdened with for years. Psych is in demand now, particularly at VA Clinics, so getting a job is no problem. Good Luck! :)
  6. lyela

    Ursuline vs CSU

    Anukis, Why did you transfer from UT?
  7. lyela

    Ursuline vs CSU

    I would have made the same decision. I am graduated now, but with a ton of student loan debt that will be like a millstone around my neck for the next TEN YEARS! Besides after your first job, who cares where you went to school- professional networking and job references will determine how your career advances. Just remember to never stop learning!
  8. lyela

    Ann Arbor hospital benefits questions...

    If you are in a hurry for coverage, then be fore warned- the U of M hiring process can take at least a month or so before you get an offer. The VA is even worse- in most cases it is a minimum of 4 months and sometimes longer. I don't know about St. Joes, but UM and the VA can be great place to work for the benefits, but the cost of living in Ann Arbor is on the high side. Prepare and good luck!
  9. lyela


    Having attended FPB at CWRU and two other state schools in Ohio I can assure you that Case will be much more expensive for no difference in the education experience. The best thing they have going for them is the relationship with Cleveland Clinic where the best practices are employed. A little friendly advice- While at FPB, I did clinicals alongside students from CCC, Cleveland State and Kent. They all did fine and I'm sure they don't have the student loan debt I have thanks to going to a private school. Besides after your first job, nobody cares where you went to school but how good your references are from your last job. School ranking are sort of a joke, they are based more on publications, not classroom performance. There are good and bad teachers everywhere, FPB is no exception to this rule. I must admit I had high expectation when I enrolled at CWRU and was sadly disappointed when the experience was the same as lesser ranked schools where the cost was more than half of Case. I have gain a new respect for the faculty at my "lesser ranked" schools. Of course one item is free at Case- arrogance! Think carefully about your choice and good luck.
  10. lyela

    Promedica Nurse Residency Program

    Unfortunately, Promedica and Mercy have a near monopoly on nursing position in NW Ohio and with the oversupply of nurse in the area; hence professionalism toward nurses has suffered. This trend started in 2008 and continues today with no end in sight. Promedica has a particularly bad reputation in recruiting and making statement that simply aren’t true. In a discussion on this very topic a group of nurses at a professional association all were in agreement that this seems to be the case. They all lamented the fact but were resigned to it. It is not just the corporate entities that caused this lack of respect and courtesy to the nursing profession, nursing schools everywhere are constantly pushing the myth of a nursing career without regard to whether or not there will be employment when you are handed a very expensive piece of paper. Nursing school want to fill seats so they can increase their salaries and get tenure. Then some (more than they would admit to) slid in to mediocrity and their classes become a horrible bore where misinformation is routinely dispensed. Nursing is a noble profession, but to many, it is just commodity.
  11. lyela

    UH/Cleveland Clinic Tuition Benefits

    Can you cite the name of the waiver document? My manager spoke to HR about a waiver of this type- they said they were not aware of it. Perhaps ignorance is bliss and a good way to avoid a $7500 expence. $7500 won't begin to cover my Case tuition for the year, but it would put a dent in it.
  12. lyela

    UH/Cleveland Clinic Tuition Benefits

    Had I known that, I would have gone to OSU instead Case. Ranking means very little (to nothing) after your first job experience when seeking a new position. Would I trade my Case NP degree and $60,000 student debt for an OSU NP and no debt- in a micro-second! You have golden opportunity.
  13. lyela

    UH/Cleveland Clinic Tuition Benefits

    Keep in mind, that most places I have worked at allow you to take advantage of the tuition benefit right away-CC make you wait a year before you are able to pay for tuition.
  14. lyela

    State Issue 2

    I'm surprised that no one has posted about this topic that comes up for a vote in a few weeks. Ohio is no different than most states in that these are hard times. I'm sure that most of you have been saturated we TV ads both pro and con, but one thing in particular has bothered me. We nurses are looked upon with high regard by the public in several polls I have seen. It seems this hard earned reputation is being used by the opponents of Issue 2 to imply in ads and their website that nurses per sec will be affected by this law: http://action.weareohio.com/page/s/issue2primer "Issue 2 will make our nursing shortage worse. It makes it illegal for nurses, hospital and clinic workers to demand reasonable and safe staffing levels--so nurses will juggle more patients while their salaries and benefits are cut." Here we go again-"our nursing shortage worse". When will we stop hearing this falsehood? Furthermore the website states the law makes it "illegal for nurses, hospital and clinic workers" again not true because it only prohibits public employees. Last time I checked, most nurses are not public employees. "Teachers, nurses, firefighters are not the reason Ohio's budget is in trouble. Big corporations, their high-paid lobbyists and the politicians they fund are blaming middle class Ohioans for a problem they caused." Again, the collective use of the word nurses, to imply that the law affects all nurses. Thus, capitalizing on the great reputation that nurses enjoy. I realize there are two sides to this topic and I hope both will be put forward so we can make an informed decision on November 8th. My only point is don't propagate the myth of a "Nursing shortage" when so many GN go for months with no job offers and so many hospital are hiring so few experienced nurses. Also, be honest and state this law will only apply to nurses that are public employees and not to the vast majority of nurses that work in non-public hospitals, veterans hospitals, military hospitals, doctor's offices and clinics.
  15. lyela

    Texas Hospital Paying for Nurses' Higher Education

    I have to agree with the others, tuition assistance is not news, it is standard, at least in the Mid-West. All of the major hospitals I have interviewed at listed it in their benefits package. My current employer grants $5000 to undergrads and 7500(tax free) to graduates students per year. In an era of oversupply of nurses, this is one hell of a deal. Too bad the pay is the same for RNs no matter what their degree- Dip., ASN, BSN or MSN. BTW- having lived in Lubbock a few years, "fixin" as in I'm fixing to fix dinner is both proper and commonplace. It simply means "getting ready" or "preparing" in West Texas.:)