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  1. Purinmeow

    Easy to find jobs for new grads

    Hey guys, just passed the boards 2 weeks ago. Looking for areas in California that are easier to get into. For example, El Centro is an easier area to get in. Are there any other areas?
  2. Purinmeow

    CSUSM online RN to BSN

    Hi All! I plan on pursing my masters for a CRNA one day, and so I was wondering if anyone has gone to this school, and if the grading is fair and coursework is do-able.
  3. Purinmeow

    In the Palm Springs Area

    Hey you guys! I'm a new grad looking for jobs in this area. Got a couple of offers at skilled nursing facilities and a hospital job offer 2 hours away. If I go for the skilled nursing facility am I gonna be stuck there forever? Or should I go for the hospital job far away?
  4. Hi You guys, I am looking for an online RN to BSN (hybrid most likely, as "a minimum of 90 hours of supervisedclinical experience in a public health setting" are required). Wondering if anyone has found a program that allowed them to apply for the PHN certification in California after completing an online RN/ADN to BSN program.
  5. Purinmeow

    transcript form for CA BON

    Anyone else have more to add to this? Because my college does not seem to send transcripts straight from there, but instead uses a 3rd party. https://www.imperial.edu/docs/admissions-records/student-information/7687-transcripts-request-information/file
  6. Can you expunge that charge/conviction? Wish the best of luck to you
  7. Anyone get a public intoxication/ drunk in public/ p647(f) charge? what was the outcome?
  8. Purinmeow

    First public drunk charge, May graduation

    I am wondering what ever came of your situation? I graduate in May and just got a drunk in public ticket. Court date is also in May before my final exam.
  9. Hello, so this Saturday I got a ticket for being drunk in public. Court date is in May and I also graduate in May. I'm in the process of finding a lawyer for the court date. Should I get a lawyer to help me fill out my application as well? Who do you guys recommend? California is where I'm planning to apply
  10. Hello everyone, I just got accepted into Norther Arizona University's online RN to BSN program. I am out of state, so my out of state tuition may be up to $19,410. I was wondering if I should settle with this or look into other programs. So, how much did you pay for your education; did you pay out of state tuition? Can the classes fit for a full time worker? Tell us about your program!
  11. Purinmeow

    How long did CNA endorsement take for you?

    Oh, so you will be travelling there only when you are in school? Did they contact you already? Unless they told your certification will be limited, I wouldn't worry about that. It seems some people get it quickly, and others not so much... Haha, good luck to your endorsement process too! It's officially been a week. They still haven't cashed my check. I hope my letter did not get lost in the mail, I'm contemplating sending another letter....
  12. Hi you all! I am applying for my CNA endorsement in Arizona. I am hoping it's not a super long process, because I am applying for the nursing program in Arizona and a CNA certificate is one of the requirements! Wish me luck you guys! I am wondering how long it took you all for you to endorse your CNA certification to another state. :)
  13. Purinmeow

    Would a BSN in arizona be ignored in california?

    So in that case, it's best if I call the Board of Registered Nursing in California and ask if they'll accept it from my school?
  14. I will be getting a bachelor's degree in Arizona, but I want to work in California. Is it able to be used there? Will employers ignore it, since it is not from California? I have heard of people with their RN in Arizona going to California to work, but I have not heard specifically about a bachelors degree. What have you guys experienced? Please let me know your thoughts!
  15. these are the two places i plan on applying too, I am wondering if you had to reapply multiple times before getting accept? Are there waitlists?
  16. Purinmeow

    School recommendations for Associates degree for RN?

    I'll try those colleges! I prefer lottery because i feel because of my repeats that I would't be accepted much places... I do want a bachelors one day, but I figure since i finished the prerequisites for associates that I can start off with this and move my way up! :)