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    Hey guys! So I'm wanting to start travel nursing after the beginning of the year, and I'm going with a friend of mine. We are wanting to go to Hawaii (I know, pretty extravagant for our first assignment, but go big or go home, right?) Anyhow, I just wondered if you guys have any tips or anything while traveling, as far as the nursing, or traveling with an agency goes. I think we both are kind of nervous. We have both had assignment before and had to back out for one reason or another (most likely nerves). We are traveling with American Mobile. Any kind of advice is appreciated. If anyone has taken an assignment to Hawaii, would love to hear from you as well!! Thanks! Jared
  2. I have a question. I'm a year out of school and work in an ICU at my hospital. I'm applying for a position at a travel/PRN agency in my area, and they some times send nurses to nursing homes. I was just trying to get some infor on what would be my responsibilities at a nursing home....it may be a dumb question but I've only ever experienced LPNs at these places. Assessments, and medication admin....I get. But if they have me work nights (which is what I work) is there an on call physician/resident or someone in case something goes awry? Or do they work with a hospital close by that I'd call? Other than that, it's just writing notes based on my assessments carrying out orders and maintaining their overall health? also they send to some prisons too, so any info on that would be great too. :)