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  1. Riegelbeagle

    Pre pulling meds

    Thanks for everyone’s input. I feel like I’m learning so much at once that I am overwhelmed.
  2. Riegelbeagle

    Pre pulling meds

    Psy is still new to me I am used to ICU where I had 1 -2 patients. I’m definitely still learning . Thanks for letting me know how it works at your facility.
  3. Riegelbeagle

    Pre pulling meds

    I’m still in orientation and one my preceptors chewed me out because I refuse to pre pull meds. I work with kids. Bedtime is 9 and meds are ordered for 9. To me it seems more pragmatic to change med time to 8 but I was chewed out for that too. As med nurse I can have up to 32 kiddos. To me this seems unrealistic to give meds to that many kids and pre pulling dangerous. Am I just wrong ? I have always been told pre pulling set you up for mistakes.
  4. Riegelbeagle

    Is This for Me?

    I didn’t want to leave your comment unanswered. I tell people all the time to be a nurse you have to want it. That being said I wouldn’t quit immediately. If your goal is psy NP. Go for it. Do research on what they do. Ask your teachers about it . Tell them your concerns. Go to NPs and talk to NPs who work psy. I wish I could give you a better answer. Talk to your psy professor too. I hope this was some help. Either path you chose good luck.
  5. Riegelbeagle

    Any advice for a new Peds psy nurse

    Thank you for the advice. It is much appreciated.
  6. Riegelbeagle


    If you really want to work at this hospital , I wouldn’t quit. That being said I understand being concerned about being “stuck “ in one specialty but I went from a neuro unit to the ED then the PICU. While you working Peds psy take PALS ,any classes the hospital offers , and express an interest in wanting to pursue all aspects of Peds. There are things you can do during this year to show you want to grow as a Peds nurse and expand to other areas.Good luck
  7. Riegelbeagle

    Any advice for a new Peds psy nurse

    I wrote one post but no responses. I thought I would try a different question. Any advice for a nurse new to Peds psy ? My big fear is not knowing what to say or how to handle high risk situations. Are there books anyone would recommend or you tube videos on therapeutic techniques, etc ?