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  1. Lillie1004

    Getting alternative AA meetings approved by your program?

    For me, it's not just the speaking that bothers me. It's everything about it...being around people, holding hands with people I don't know, how everyone there wants to be there because this works for them, the steps, the prayers, everything. I've attended meetings, many meetings. I've tried. In addiction, as well as mental illness, you can't go by the "one size fits all" approach. It's not. For me, dealing with my mental illness comes first because with that dealt with, I have NO desire to use. These people say they think about drinking every day and that there are certain triggers for them. I don't have those feelings now that I'm on an antidepressant that works for me. AA/NA does nothing fo my sobriety, but Effexor does. It's the difference between life and death for me and you would thin Boards Of Nursing would recognize the difference.
  2. Lillie1004

    Getting alternative AA meetings approved by your program?

    I absolutely agree with you. I actually try to go with a friend to AA who says the program saved her life. When I met her there, she knew everyone and is totally comfortable in that environment. Her knowing everyone actually made me MORE uncomfortable. As if, if everyone weren't staring at me before, now they are. It's an irrational mind thing, I know, but it's my messed up brain and it's how it works. But, let me know if you're able to substitute Rational Recovery. It's worth the $300+ to do it this way. Thanks!
  3. Lillie1004

    Getting alternative AA meetings approved by your program?

    I absolutely agree. My diagnosis was self medicating for depression and social anxiety. I'm ok with very small groups where attention isn't on me and one on one interactions, but the AA/NA meetings I have attended make me very anxious and miserable making it impossible for me to gain anything out of the experience. I have tried to attend and get more comfortable in the situation, but feel the same way each time. I wish online meetings were accepted and would gave no problem actually participating, for once , in those. But they aren't, which is a shame. I am not gaining anything from these meetings because I just watch the clock until I can leave.
  4. Has anyone been through the Declaratory Order process with a history of addiction? I read the posts under "Licensure with a criminal history" but I have no offenses of any kind on my record. I am starting the third semester in nursing school. I just received a letter from the Texas BON that my file was transferred to their enforcement dept. (I already sent them the 150.00 fee). My reason for obtaining the DE is that I have received treatment in the past five years for an addiction to pain killers. Although the last time I have taken any pain killers was more like 10 years ago, I still go to my Addiction specialist doctor, who wrote a letter of recommendation to the board. The wording is also tricky, in that I consider myself to "always" be in treatment for the addiction...and will be for the rest of my life. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar story and could share their experience about licensure, dealing with the board, and time frames involved. Oh, and any additional hoops I may have to jump through. Thanks for your time!