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  1. seeking33

    Seniority Counts For Nothing

    I have been an employee of a facility for a long time and have the most seniority. In the last 6 months, my hours have been cut to almost nothing. At times, to earn a living, I pick up shifts as a nursing assistant...and those hours are even being cut. In addition, all my benefits were taken away (health insurance, sick days, etc.) The new nurses that are employed less than a year all have full-time hours and benefits. What do I do in a situation like this?
  2. seeking33

    Census in Hospitals/Nursing Homes

    I heard that the censuses for hospitals and nursing homes are going down. Is this true? Are people not getting sick anymore?
  3. seeking33

    Attention Hernia Sufferers!

    Anyone?:sofahider Well, maybe if you aren't necessarily a hernia sufferer, is there any advice you can volunteer on the subject?
  4. seeking33

    "Natural Cures"

    What do you all think about the book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau? Is it a good book with good medical advice? What are the benefits of natural or holistic remedies over conventional medicine? I have yet to draw any solid conclusions, as I see benefits and drawbacks to both approaches. Thoughts?
  5. seeking33

    Attention Hernia Sufferers!

    How many of you have suffered from multiple hernias/had multiple hernia repairs? How do you prevent them from recurring?
  6. seeking33

    Resumes for Veteran Nurses?

    Daytonite--Thank you for the information! you've really been helpful. Thanks again for the useful response. This is what I've been looking for. I wish the best for you in your career.
  7. seeking33

    Resumes for Veteran Nurses?

    I don't think that would be enough--I mean, she basically does the usual treatments/bedside care. I think that would be considered a moot point to a potential employer. Maybe she should limit her work experience to places she's worked in the last 7-10 years.
  8. seeking33

    Resumes for Veteran Nurses?

    This sounds like a good idea, except she's never published anything:wink2: Should she cut it down to 2-3 pages max? I mean, she has jobs listed at facilities going back some 20 years. Would HR be turned off if they had to read all of that?
  9. seeking33

    Resumes for Veteran Nurses?

    I have a resume question concerning a friend of mine who is a veteran nurse of 20+ years. She has worked at several different facilities during her career and her resume is now running at almost 4 pages in length. As I understand it, employers generally want a resume that is 2 pages max, right? Does she need to cut her list down to that length, or are you required to put on your resume every single place you have worked? Does it matter to a potential employer where you worked some 20 years ago? Your thoughts are appreciated!:)
  10. seeking33

    Question About Working Hours

    I'm a nurse and the company I work for has been cutting regular work hours due to low pt. census. This has been going on for a few months, and I am struggling to get by financially because of this. Can they continue to do this?:smackingf
  11. seeking33

    Need Resume Advice

    If you have been terminated from a facility, do you need to indicate that on your resume? What should you put down in that case? When a potential employer asks you for your reason for leaving a job either on an application or during an interview, what should you say or write down?
  12. Miss JKm-- you have the right to apply to a facility of your choice. Whether they hire you is up to them and whether you say "yes" is up to you. It's a mutual agreement and no one can make arrangements for you but you and your place of employment. Even though they may be affiliated, my thinking is they have nothing to do with anything except a basic work record. You have the right to apply anywhere you want to! Nobody has the right to make the choice for you! Go for it! The better the benefits, the better the money...you're doing nothing but bettering yourself. I wish you luck!
  13. seeking33

    Seniority and Overtime issues

    I would make a special trip on my day off, only I have a long commute and with gas prices being this high, I try to limit my driving :uhoh21:
  14. seeking33

    Seniority and Overtime issues

    Hi, Tweety! What you say is true. Unfortunately, I'm never able to see the new work schedule book because for the longest time now, I've been scheduled to have a day off every time the new one comes out! So the nurses working that day get to se it and plan their overtime, and I'm never around to be given a chance to plan mine. Plus, when I'm at work, my boss always has the schedule book and nobody can look at it then, which is in my opinion, very unfair. Why have a schedule book if the only time you can see it is the one day when it comes out?
  15. seeking33

    Seniority and Overtime issues

    I'm an LPN at a small facility. I have been working there for a long time and have seniority over most nurses there. I depend on overtime pay to pay the bills and for other needs. Yet it seems I'm on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to getting overtime hours--they just started hiring a lot of brand new nurses, and my overtime is being taken away and given to them. These nurses get to see the work schedule first and fill it up with the overtime they want, and I'm not allowed to see the schedule and am forced to take what hours might be left. With all the new hires, it's very difficult to grab any overtime. I was always under the impression that seniority counts in any workplace. Isn't this true? I'm afraid my finances will be jeopardized if i don't work a certain amount of overtime hours. What actions should i take to correct the situation?
  16. seeking33

    What squicks you out?

    2 things that really gross me out are placentas wiggling around in a pan after a patient gives birth, and suctioning mucus from trach patients. This is because we used to joke around and dare each other to drink the collected mucus for a million dollars, lol!