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  1. NCLEx-RN study buddy testing MARCH 2010

    hey lollipop28. I did the pvt because i was so curious about it. i did the pvt after 48 hrs. i didnt get the good pop up it just directed me to giving the credit card info.. so i guess that answers my q's.. I'm not expecting anymore. I'll just wait f...
  2. NCLEx-RN study buddy testing MARCH 2010

    thanx snlavc.. oh well im just trying not to think of the test result. I'm keeping my mind off of it and just trying to have fun. ill just wait for the mail. the reality. i wont be checking online anymore. It really depresses me.
  3. NCLEx-RN study buddy testing MARCH 2010

    i guess i failed. i just had the courage to do the pvt and check online. ill go ahead and sleep. Got to face reality now. I failed again. i failed myself and everyone that supported me.
  4. NCLEx-RN study buddy testing MARCH 2010

    hello march test takers! congratulations to all that have passed and good luck too all who will be taking the test! i just recently took the test and i really don't want to look at the website.. i just want to ask if anyone who took the test on the ...

    TO jwlzbsn: ohh ok.. u jst the took the review and test? have u taken kaplan?

    i just want to ask everyone's opinion coz im planning to enroll for a review class, and i want everyone's say on this. im thinking of kaplan or hurst class review.. pls give me ur opinions on this. like advantage & disadvantages. thanx so much.
  7. hellow all nurses!! i think im ready to get back to study for the nclex-rn again.. i might need yall ur help for this. please give some tips, recommend me ur top books u used, share ur plan on how u study for the test, and tips on how to focus on t...
  8. ok.. here it goes. i know that you have to wait for your results for a period of 2-4 weeks by the mail. because i feel that i already failed i just checked today online if my name is there and sad to say its not there. i do have my ssn and ive taken ...
  9. Anyone in CA who actually passed after 2 weeks?

    to pauween18 and lloyd888: i to took the nclex rn last 02/12 for the state of california but im not residing in california.. are u guys both frm california? i took the test more than once so i guess my file is complete.. i only looked at the site onc...
  10. pauween: i took mine on the 12th for the state of california.. i think i looked 2days ago but my name wasnt posted. soo.. i got sad coz everyone who took on the day i took mine they already knew their results.. im still hoping for the best though. th...
  11. Taking NCLEX this Thursday (2/12)

    congratulations!! i really didnt want to look at it online today. i looked at it yesterday when i read that you found out about your result, my name didnt come up so i got so sad and depressed already.. im so afraid my name wouldnt be there.. u did t...
  12. NCLEX-RN....Passed!!

    from what state did u take ur test??
  13. Will holiday delay results?

    i took my test on the 02/12 too.. ive read someone alreay saw they're result. i jst dnt know what state she took her test.. if u have ur ssn u can check online. but ive read that the bon is closed today because of presidents day.. lets just keep our...
  14. Taking NCLEX this Thursday (2/12)

    hey.. we took the test on the same day for the same state.. did u chek it yet? i went to the site but didn't find courage to search for my name.. pls let me know if u get ur result on the site.. god bless us!
  15. Taking NCLEX this Thursday (2/12)

    hey.. a big congratulations to you!! we took the test the same day when did u checked ur results? and what state did u take ur nclex? i jst feel so scared to check it on online, i think i aint ready to see whether my name is there and not.. lol! soun...