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Med-Tele, PCU, Home Health Case Manager
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nurse.j. has 8 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Med-Tele, PCU, Home Health Case Manager.

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  1. nurse.j.

    Breast pumping in the car 😱

    Hello! When I returned to work after having my second baby, I was doing HH CM & pumping in my car in between visits. I wore scrubs to see patients, but always wore a nursing tank top under my top or with a scrub jacket. I didn’t wear a lab coat, ...
  2. nurse.j.

    Switching to CCU

    Hey all looking for some advice! I had an interview in May and was offered a job at a local hospital in their CCU/CVICU (you can be crossed train to CVICU), but turned the job down d/t starting my BSN program (I’ve been an ADN RN for 6 year...
  3. nurse.j.

    Switching to L&D

    Hey all, I’m a long time member here and finally trying to make the switch into L&D. I have been working the last 2 years on a Med-Tele floor in a small hospital, but have almost 6 years experience as a RN: PCU, HH Case Management & Med-Tele....
  4. nurse.j.

    RN Clinical Sales Liaison ???

    I actually ended up going back to hospital nursing. I'm a 0.6 on 12s and my managers are so flexible with our schedules. It's the best thing for my family right now and I'm trying to get my BSN and would not have time to do it working 5 days a week. ...
  5. nurse.j.

    New grad in need of some more advice

    You need to speak up about your training! I work on an incredibly busy Med-Tele floor with a 4:1 ratio (sometimes 5 if we are short) and the charge almost NEVER takes pts. Your preceptor should not be charging also, the days they charge, they need to...
  6. Hey all! It's been a long time since I have posted on here and I have had already a few different nursing jobs since I graduated from my ADN program in 2013. I started out as a resident PCU nurse and did a year and half there. I left the bedside ...
  7. nurse.j.

    working for hospital or home care?

    I just wanted to ask you since I saw your response on this thread...maybe you can help me out here? I worked in the PCU at a very terrible managed hospital/unit for 1.5 years as my first nursing job. It was hell, so I got out and started HH Case ...
  8. nurse.j.

    RN Clinical Sales Liaison ???

    Yeah I have a friend who is in the sales part (non clinical) and she said that she couldn't imagine doing her job with small children. I know everyone is different but I'm looking for work/life balance and I don't think the liaison position would giv...
  9. nurse.j.

    RN Clinical Sales Liaison ???

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to search this board for some help, but can't seem to really find what I'm looking for. I am a nurse of 3 years, stared my career in a step-down/PCU unit and after about a year and a half, began my HH career as a RN C...
  10. nurse.j.

    Best route to get into mother/baby

    Hey hopping on here because I'm interested in breaking into L&D, M/B also. I worked on a busy step down unit for almost 2 years and then started HH case management for the past year and half. I want to get back to pursuing my dream of L&D but...
  11. nurse.j.

    My Dream to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse

    I know this an old thread but my heart keeps calling me to L&D or M/B. After having an amazing experience at a wonderful hospital with my second birth, I knew I wanted to go back to pursuing my dream of being an OB nurse. I just am not entirely s...
  12. nurse.j.

    Mother baby/ Labor and Delivery Nursing

    I'm not a new nurse but looking for a way into MB also! I did a year and half on a PCU/tele step down and then left the hospital to do HH case management for the last year and half. Needless to say, the paperwork is becoming too much for myself and m...
  13. nurse.j.

    Advice to those looking at home triage jobs...

    I'm hoping to make the switch to a job like this in the next couple of years. Was a PCU nurse for almost 2 years and then have been a HH Case Manager the last 1.5 years. Is a BSN or higher education preferred?
  14. I'm a Home Health Case Manager and although it's not hospice, I know it's very similar. There is a lot of charting...but that's the trade off for making your own schedule and not working hospital hours. In the beginning the charting does take a while...
  15. nurse.j.

    Is it just my agency?

    I decided I'm going to stay with my agency when I return from maternity leave and see how it goes. I want to at least make it to my 1 year (mid March) before I make any decisions about checking other agencies out/jobs. HH is something I really enjoy ...
  16. nurse.j.

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Sorry I missed this...was having my baby on 12/12, home recovering now Yeah that is very low what they are paying you. We are only required to have our phones on the same as our agency hours 8-5 M-F, unless we are on call, in which we are compensate...