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blushpink has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac, NICU, CCM.

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  1. blushpink

    Employers' Background Investigation (i.e. social media)

    I don’t think you need to suspend your social media accounts, but perhaps adjust the viewer’s settings to “private” or “friends only.” I often Google myself to make sure my words and photos are appropriate.
  2. blushpink

    How To Properly Clean Your Stethoscope

    I used alcohol pads to wipe my stethoscope, scissors, pens, phone, etc. For a deep clean, I’d use the purple wipes. I didn’t wear my stethoscope around my neck either because it was uncomfortable and didn’t want the rubber tubing to break down. I kep...
  3. blushpink

    New Nurse Case Manager

    Congratulations on your new nurse case manager position! Here are some resources that should help:
  4. Each person has his or her own free will to travel or not. It is tough placing my love for travel on the back burner. However, I choose to stay in my state because I wish to keep myself, my family, my loved ones and my patients safe. I honestly cring...
  5. blushpink

    Dance + Nursing

    Congratulations on graduating soon! Becoming a nurse opens a world of opportunities. I also love dance, and I wish I pursued it professionally. Now I am currently trying to combine nursing and my other passion for writing and background in journalism...
  6. Hello! I also wish to be able to provide what the original post, @NurseLissie wants to do, and make a living. However, I agree with @Oldmahubbard. Unfortunately, our healthcare system appears to be more reactive than proactive/preventative. I’m curre...
  7. blushpink

    Long hours/no life

    Thank you for sharing and I understand the stress. I have been working for a small CM company for almost five years. I have about 30 to 40+ cases. When I ask not to get assigned to new patients, I am told that I have the smallest caseload in the comp...
  8. blushpink

    My first night shift... help!

    I understand the anxiety! During my first job as a nurse, I worked the 6a-6p shift for months, and then the next day, I switched to 7p-7a. I had no choice but to force myself to stay up all night so that I could sleep all day before my first night sh...
  9. Hello! I, too, am applying for the MSN-Case Management program at The University of Alabama, and I hope to start next Fall 2016. I work full time, so I plan to take online classes part time. Even though I don't have kids, having a work-life balance i...