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  1. Medicare days calculator

    Hi everyone. I used to have this Excel spreadsheet where I can input a Medicare start date and it will calculate the 100th day as well as all the days in between. Tried Googling it but found nothing. Anyone know where I can get it? I know it's just a...
  2. payor source on discharge

    I can't seem to edit my post. Forgot to add this:
  3. payor source on discharge

    Hi, anyone here complete Section S for New York? I have a question specifically about Section S8055. Primary Payor: Example: Patient's Medicare last covered day is 11/22/21, discharged home on 11/23/21. The patient is private pay after M...
  4. NYC MDS Nurse needing a change

    I've been an MDS Nurse since I got my RN license in 2010. The facility I work in has been undergoing a lot of change - good nurses getting let go, hard-working people leaving - and the work we have to do just keeps growing. This is not my main reason...
  5. What other career paths for MDS RN?

    Mcbg, I'd like to know the same too. I'm working as an MDS Coordinator now, but looking to switch.
  6. Technically not my first nursing job...

    You are so right, HouTx. I certainly don't want to jump ship just because everything seems more interesting on the other side. I've had quite some time to think about it and I think the hospital setting is not for me. I think I want something more la...
  7. Technically not my first nursing job...

    obesity33 - I'll keep your suggestions in mind during my search. Thanks.
  8. Technically not my first nursing job...

    Thanks for your input, HouTx. Thanks for reminding me that being a nurse doesn't solely revolve around acute care - it totally doesn't. I don't have a specific career goal in mind. I don't know what I want exactly, but I know I wouldn't want to work ...
  9. Hello Nurses! I am looking for job hunting advice and this is my first time ever on any forum so please bear with me as I ramble. Here is my background so far: Graduated with Associate's Degree in Jan 2010, RN license April 2010. My classmates and I ...