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  1. HAW62

    Online MS

    Thank you for your reply! Definitely what I was hoping to hear. Good luck in your program!
  2. HAW62

    Online MS

    Hello nurse educators, First and foremost, thank you! Without you, we would not be here! My goal is to earn my MSN in Education, hopefully starting a program within the year. I was considering an online program (Western Governors) for cost/time benefit; however, when I shared my plans with my parents' neighbor that is a nursing professor, she said that online is not the way to go and is viewed as less prestigious than a traditional brick and mortar program. Do y'all find this to be the case? If so, I have some serious reconsidering to do! Thank you!
  3. Hi all, Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer questions on this thread! I've found it so incredibly helpful. From the information I've read, it seems that there are many changes happening in the MSN tracks. It seems like a lot of people (from what I've read) have completed their capstones through the facility where they are currently working. As a traveler, this may not be an option for me. Does anyone have experience completing a capstone through a different avenue? Thanks so much!
  4. HAW62

    DC License

    My husband and I are about to start out first travel contract at GUH. We applied for our licenses and everything has been processed with the exception of the State background check. We sent our fingerprints to the L1 fingerprinting center. Will this be sufficient for the state background check? If so, any idea how long that normally takes? I've tried contacting the board but haven't heard back.... Thanks so much!
  5. HAW62

    Address while away

    Y'all have been so extremely helpful! Whoo boy, there were so many things that I did not consider when we jumped into this travel nursing thing, but my husband and I are both very excited to start this adventure! We are both very grateful to all that answered and gave us advice! I have what may seem like a stupid question, but it is something I started thinking about while reading y'all's responses about licensure. My husband and I both have compact Texas licenses. If we claim ourselves as itinerant (which seems like the easiest and most realistic option for us right now), will we still be able to practice under our compact licenses in other compact states? Or will not having a residence in Texas make this no longer an option? Once again, thank you for your responses!
  6. HAW62

    Address while away

    My husband and I are about to begin our first travel assignment; it looks like we MAY be heading to New Haven, CT! I have a question about tax homes - that whole aspect overwhelms me (as if everything else I need to get done in the next month doesn't). We are currently renting an apartment and don't own any property/house. We are planning on using my parents' address for our mail, billing address, etc. I've read some about tax homes but am unsure as to what that means for us since we don't actually own a house. Will we still need to "go home" every so often as if we owned the home? Is this even the best alternative to a more permanent address while traveling? Any and ALL input is helpful! Thanks everyone!