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  1. studentnurseASN

    Narc Mistake.. Freaking out

    I get nervous about this too when I start out.
  2. studentnurseASN

    What is the best nursing job to fulfill requirements for NP specialties

    I'll try to shadow some NPs in this area to see if this is something I would like to do.
  3. studentnurseASN

    What is the best nursing job to fulfill requirements for NP specialties

    Thanks for the input.
  4. studentnurseASN

    What is the best nursing job to fulfill requirements for NP specialties

    That's good to know. Is there a specialty that would allow me to have experience with both?
  5. studentnurseASN

    What is the best nursing job to fulfill requirements for NP specialties

    Would I have to specialize in pscyh if I wanted to do work in mental health? Or could I just use FNP? Not sure how it works.
  6. studentnurseASN

    What is the best nursing job to fulfill requirements for NP specialties

    I have heard of NPs with 2 specialties. Is this possible? If so, what steps would I need?
  7. I was told to give them the most unstable patient since they have an ER specialty. Is this right?
  8. I am interested in getting specialties in family practice and psych. What is the best job to hold before entering into the program?
  9. studentnurseASN

    International College of Health Sciences

    I know of someone who attended this college before. If you need uniforms x-small PM me.
  10. studentnurseASN

    Expelled from RN program, looking for options

    Ideally if you get a 97% you would move onto the next level. But you would have to watch yourself more. You may even have to really learn your critical thinking skills well before they are taught in class. I would suggest investing into an experienced nursing tutor after the exam if this happened. If you take the exam, there is a chance you will score below 97%. You would have to report failure to nursing schools. This can decrease your chances of reapplying into another program because you would have to report failure in another program. If you take the year off and reapply for another program, you would have your nursing academic record examined. You may be considered for admission. It would increase your chances of becoming accepted into another program because you never failed a program. If you want more experience working as a nurse before entering into another RN program, then LPN would be a good choice. You would have more years of work and exposure to nursing care in mostly nursing homes. Some places do hire LPNs for hospitals and private practice. Always check. Plus there are accelerated LPN-RN bridges for nurses who maintain active work status. I still keep in touch with plenty of friends who ran into your situation. They completed another RN program after failing or discontinuing with good standing. My friends who discontinued the RN program on good standing reapplied in a few months, and completed the program in 2 to 3 years. They are nurses. My other friends who failed RN programs still applied but either retook GEs for private RN programs, or they transferred into an unaccredited RN program. Either route you choose for nursing, I would suggest online study aids if you want to plan ahead for readmission. At 26 years old, you still have a lot of life left. There are people who are 30s and 40s entering into nursing programs. One of the oldest nursing students graduated at 65 years old. Good luck on whatever you decide. I am familiar with this situation. PM if you need help.
  11. studentnurseASN

    My nursing program is horrible!

    I had this experience with bad instructors.
  12. studentnurseASN

    the moment we all work for

    The content seems to use more of UWorld and Kaplan. Keep reviewing the content from these items. In my last exam there were a lot of questions about management of care, safety, and physiology adaptation. I plan to focus on these sections more for the next exam. Good luck.
  13. studentnurseASN

    My nursing program is horrible!

    I can relate to this. It is common in many programs because staff try to say afloat with accreditation and state approval to keep the program going. It becomes more of a priority than the students. Sometimes more than the faculty. My suggestion is to find some good nursing tutors. They can help you develop good critical thinking skills as you progress through your program. Use them also to set up your day for labs and clinical. The money is worth it. Invest in Saunder online, or a Lippincott nursing book. Most nursing instructors use these to write the exam. You can purchase an old book online at Amazon. Find some people in class to exchange numbers with. You don't have to be buddies with them. Focus on content that will help you answer questions for exams, labs, and clinical. For labs, focus on big steps before a procedure, during a procedure, and after a procedure. For clinical, understand the schedule. Med passes are often done around procedures and meal times. Find out how the meal or the procedure affect medications given. Write down concepts that you gather after reading about care before a procedure, or after a procedure. ATI books are good for this. You can print them from the ATI website. For exams, I would suggest a tutor, who can help you develop critical thinking skills. Use the ATI books first as study content. Make your life easier by understanding the nursing routine. It'll help you through the day no matter how you feel. PM me if you need additional help.
  14. studentnurseASN

    How do you study? Effective methods and suggestions!

    It is a good opportunity to get in touch with your professor to learn the material well. There are times where they will tell you what to exactly study. Making friends in class will also help. Bring a tape recorder to rewrite notes as needed. TEAS was a lot of repetition when I took it. The math section tests middle school math. There were a lot of fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers that needed to be subtracted, added, divided, and multiplied. I would recommend using online worksheets if you need additional practice. I have also seen people use textbooks for practice problems. Science contains more information about first semester biology 1 for bio majors. I would recommend a tutor, or a classmate majoring in biology for good review sources. It also tests on very basic chemistry such as concentration after 4 or 5 titrations. Grammar has questions about punctuation, capitalization, and proper placement of colon, semicolon, and commas. There are a lot of online worksheets to practice from. Tutors are a good resource if you have trouble with punctuation. Reading comprehension tests directly from short passages read. I found ATI concepts were helpful in answering most of the questions. You can also look into short high school reading passages.
  15. studentnurseASN

    How do you study? Effective methods and suggestions!

    It's normal to feel that way. Especially if you have deadlines coming up. Are you taking your courses in a community college, or university? With TEAS I would suggest getting the ATI study guide. From my experience it tells you exactly how to answer questions on the exam.
  16. studentnurseASN


    I'm reviewing with Kaplan and Uworld. I am still deciding on Mark Klimek lectures.

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