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  1. studentnurseASN

    What is the best nursing job to fulfill requirements for NP specialties

    That's good to know. Is there a specialty that would allow me to have experience with both?
  2. studentnurseASN

    What is the best nursing job to fulfill requirements for NP specialties

    Would I have to specialize in pscyh if I wanted to do work in mental health? Or could I just use FNP? Not sure how it works.
  3. studentnurseASN

    What is the best nursing job to fulfill requirements for NP specialties

    I have heard of NPs with 2 specialties. Is this possible? If so, what steps would I need?
  4. I was told to give them the most unstable patient since they have an ER specialty. Is this right?
  5. I am interested in getting specialties in family practice and psych. What is the best job to hold before entering into the program?
  6. studentnurseASN

    How do you study? Effective methods and suggestions!

    It is a good opportunity to get in touch with your professor to learn the material well. There are times where they will tell you what to exactly study. Making friends in class will also help. Bring a tape recorder to rewrite notes as needed. TEAS was a lot of repetition when I took it. The math section tests middle school math. There were a lot of fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers that needed to be subtracted, added, divided, and multiplied. I would recommend using online worksheets if you need additional practice. I have also seen people use textbooks for practice problems. Science contains more information about first semester biology 1 for bio majors. I would recommend a tutor, or a classmate majoring in biology for good review sources. It also tests on very basic chemistry such as concentration after 4 or 5 titrations. Grammar has questions about punctuation, capitalization, and proper placement of colon, semicolon, and commas. There are a lot of online worksheets to practice from. Tutors are a good resource if you have trouble with punctuation. Reading comprehension tests directly from short passages read. I found ATI concepts were helpful in answering most of the questions. You can also look into short high school reading passages.
  7. studentnurseASN

    How do you study? Effective methods and suggestions!

    It's normal to feel that way. Especially if you have deadlines coming up. Are you taking your courses in a community college, or university? With TEAS I would suggest getting the ATI study guide. From my experience it tells you exactly how to answer questions on the exam.
  8. studentnurseASN


    I'm reviewing with Kaplan and Uworld. I am still deciding on Mark Klimek lectures.
  9. studentnurseASN

    Help! 265 questions on NCLEX!

    Check Quick Results to see if you passed. For my retake I plan to focus on management of care, safety, and physiological adaptation. Don't give up on getting your license. Good luck.
  10. studentnurseASN

    NCLEX 4/30

    I got more management of care questions and safety questions. I did not get any dosage calculation. I plan to focus on those areas before my exam.
  11. studentnurseASN

    Teachers Discriminating against students

    That sucks. I hope you can get your degree regardless of the situation. There are schools that can take you if you passed most of your RN courses. Some programs may have to take their competency test to see if they will accept credit for your courses. Others will accept your grades directly. There are still a lot of options outside of where you live. Don't limit yourself. Always CYA whenever you are working with people. Nursing faculty included.
  12. studentnurseASN

    Good pop up, bad pop up, and number of questions

    People were able to do the Pearson VUE trick (PVT) to see if they passed or failed NCLEX. Here is what I understand so far. If they received the comment "Our records indicate that you recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time," it means a very high probability of passing. If people received a "Payment declined" comment, it means that the test needs additional grading for passing. If someone receives a Candidate Performance Report (CPR) this means that there is a high probability that they failed the exam. I got a payment declined comment after 120 to 130 questions. Would it be worth paying $8 to check my score? Or should I wait for a notice letter and a CPR? I would still need to wait either way. I would need to check for my name in registry before applying for jobs. How long could this take? Would this take as much time as waiting for the CPR? Just weighing out my options.
  13. studentnurseASN

    Beyond Stress: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

    I had more anxiety when I was younger. It was due to dealing with unknown situations. I still feel this way about new situations, but I find myself learning to make steps to prepare myself. It helps me reduce anxiety.
  14. studentnurseASN

    Can I get Fired?

    If you're not using IV meds on yourself, I think it's all right. If some patients are disturbed seeing an IV on you, they might say something to staff.
  15. studentnurseASN

    Dealing with a difficult preceptor as a RN Student

    It's good that your daughter does recognize her differences with the preceptor early. In the past when I had differences with people I tried to take my time to understand them more slowly. It has helped me decrease future arguments. Staying ahead of her care plan with patients will also help. This includes knowing what will happen with them throughout the day, what type of diet they are on, what medications they are on, how to administer their medications, etc. All the stuff that she would do as an actual RN. Last semester is close so she'll be done!