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  1. 4everstudent15

    How do use adpie for studying ?

    ADPIE is the nursing process. Assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention and evaluation.
  2. Congratulations to you as well. It took my married classmates longer though. They had to send in their marriage licenses after passing due to name change.
  3. Tested 9/5/2015 was able to print my license on 9/10/15 and it was added to the searchable database on 9/11/15. I still haven't received anything in the mail...if anything is coming.
  4. 4everstudent15

    Free CNA training???

    If you have any NHC facilities nearby check there. They offer free NA training.
  5. 4everstudent15


    Congrats Nurse rbracey! That's wonderful!
  6. 4everstudent15


    That's right girl claim it! I think the waiting is worse than the test lol. When mine cut off at 85 I was kinda relieved. Like you all my classmates have passed and with only 85 questions so I took that as a sign. I can't wait for you to get your results so you can breathe again. Just FYI I passed on Saturday and had my license # issued Thursday evening. Once your pending exam and supervisor have been accepted you can go to print my license and see it before it shows up on llr. There maybe a 30 min to an hour delay between acceptance and being able to print it. Keep the faith!
  7. 4everstudent15


    Hi I just took my test last weekend. I felt the same way as you. I knew I would pass but there was still a seedling of doubt. Everyone's experience is unique but it wasn't that bad IMO. Did I know everything? NOPE! But I took it one question at a time. I've never suffered from test anxiety and I'm naturally an optimistic person so I walked in and out of Pearson claiming a pass until I saw otherwise. You know your abilities, you said you're confident so hold on to that. This is something that you can and will do!
  8. 4everstudent15


    Does your school have open lab sessions where a teacher can either demonstrate the skill again or help you master it before a check off? I watched YouTube videos but the only way I was able to know I was learning the skills the way my school wanted me to was in open lab with a classmate or instructor watching me with the check off list. Best of luck to you!
  9. 4everstudent15

    Select all that apply

    Hi guys, I took my NCLEX-PN today and I'm feeling good about it but time will tell. The computer shut off at 85 questions but what amazed me was the number of SATA. It became a game for me. If I knew I got a question right I said well here comes another SATA...and it did. I know this has no bearing on whether I passed or failed and I could have answered wrong and still get a SATA next. But out of 85 questions approximately 43 were SATA. I stopped counting at 41. I also had 2 exhibit questions. I know 25 questions were non graded test questions but is this what I have to look forward to for the NCLEX-RN? Is the NCSBON moving to more alternate style questions where eventually you can expect half of your test to consist of them? Anyone else with similar experiences? Thanks.
  10. 4everstudent15

    Should autism parenting be an Olympic event? A trip to the dentist

    The Calming Clippers are an awesome idea but I'm not sure they would work with his hair type. I've tried using regular ear plugs but that didn't go over so well. Next I'll try child sized ear plugs and the ear bud idea with one of his favorite TV shows playing. Thank you for the suggestions.
  11. 4everstudent15

    Should autism parenting be an Olympic event? A trip to the dentist

    I just went through this today. It's so awful and it makes me feel like a bad parent. My oldest had no cavities which I pretty much expected but my youngest son who is autistic has more cavities again. It's not from lack of trying to brush his teeth. He bites down on the brush only giving you one minute to do what you need to. I've put off getting them filled as long as I could because he's had dental work before and it's been traumatizing to both of us. The nitrous oxide gas did nothing but give him a nap until the dentist came in the room. I was so happy when they said they're offering sedation dentistry again. People who aren't going through it honestly don't understand. Thank you so much for letting us know we're not alone. Now we just need to master haircuts. He can't stand the sound of the clippers.
  12. 4everstudent15

    Patients wants a back rub

    Back rubs are still taught in my program as part of bathing the patient.
  13. 4everstudent15

    Brain-dead mom has baby

    @Horseshoe, I believe you misunderstood me which is fine. I understand that resources are finite and in some cases they have to be looked at to proceed. I was referring to my situation only. I'm glad that when I went into labor the only the decision that mattered at the time was how I wanted to proceed. Did I want aggressive treatment or to let nature take it's course. I also understand that yes, finances could have come into play if his outcome wasn't as it was during his 16 weeks in the NICU . And by arbitrarily deciding his fate, I guess I should have said that the hospital and Aetna didn't say his care will amount to 1 million dollars, let him die, without even trying or caring what I wanted.
  14. 4everstudent15

    Brain-dead mom has baby

    My child was born at 24 weeks and to imagine that some would say the cost of his care should have decided his fate is beyond comprehension. He is now an active 8 year old without lasting deficits. I understand that his outcome isn't always the case but I've also experienced the alternative of a child who could not be saved. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for the care he received and no one arbitrarily decided whether he was worth it.
  15. 4everstudent15

    Financial aid for bridge

    That doesn't apply in my state. In fact a practical nursing license is a requirement for all the bridge programs in our state technical college system. You'll still receive whatever aid you are entitled to according to your fafsa.
  16. 4everstudent15

    39 DAYS till graduation!!! Anyone else on the last leg?

    I'm right there with you guys. I have about 13 weeks left and I'm already looking at transition programs but feeling burned out and tired at the same time.

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