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  1. religion and interviews

    Right now at my current job, I have worked the weekend schedule out by working every Sunday as opposed to alternate weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Today I had a interview at another hospital for a unit i really want to work at. I went in knowing that...
  2. Help!! Looking for a RN job in NY

    Brookdale hospital in brooklyn. Not as bad it seems. Great place to get your feet wet as a new nurse. You'll learn a lot and they hire tons of new grads.
  3. new grad needs help getting a job in NYC

    Apply to brookdale hospital in brooklyn. It's not as bar as everyone makes it sound. You'll be happy to get a job. And they do hire new grads.

    I spoke with the manager and she said they have chosen the fellows already... Sorry. Really bummed I didn't get it. I currently work medsurg at a hospital in Brooklyn. At this point, I would be thrilled to get a med surg job at lenox hill.

    Hi. I interviewed for the nslij ed fellowship at Lenox Hill for a second interview at the site on 6/18. They told me it would take 2-3 weeks to hear an answer. Needless to say, I am so nervous. I really want the job. Anybody else here interview (at ...
  6. Any insight on Lenox Hill Hospital?

    Are you transferring there for the ed fellowship?
  7. New Grab Job Applications

    You can start applying even before you have your license. There's lots of new Graf oppertunitis and don't miss out on them! Google new grad residencies.
  8. Backpack for a interview

    Hi. I went for the interview today and I brought my regular knapsack and just asked the receptionist to keep it at her desk. The actual interviewer did end up seeing my bag on the way out.... either way, it was no problem bc I already got the call fo...
  9. Backpack for a interview

    Hi I have a interview on Monday where I will be taking public transit to the interview and immediately heading out to my current rn job go after. Would it be OK to bring my backpack? I need my scrubs to change into after and i won't have a car to st...
  10. Making an Impression

    Lol wish I had advice for you but I seem unable to land a job! So someone else should share their secrets.
  11. Making an Impression

    @klw96 i deleted my messages so u can pm me now and I appreciate all your help!
  12. Applying at Maimonides Medical Center

    They are on a hiring freeze. I interviewed there bc someone I know is on the board.... they got me a interview and I met with the nurse recruiter and she started off the interview by saying WE ARE NOT HIRING. What a waste of my time!
  13. Making an Impression

    Good question! Wish I knew the answer... please someone give some insight
  14. What position are you interviewing for? I didn't take their pharm exam but I would review the basics. I took a few hospital pharm exams and be prepared for med calc, insulin, digoxin, heparin, coumadin.... even if u don't know the answer just remembe...
  15. How many interviews before you landed you first job?

    As long as you have interviews that means they are still interested! Stay positive and good luck