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  1. Penn Externship Program

    I am so surprised. I figured they must've contacted people. I remember them saying mid february and its almost mid march. No, Im actually not from the area, so Penn was the only place in the Philly/PA area i applied. Good luck!
  2. Penn Externship Program

    did they contact people about interviews yet?
  3. I hate being a CNA

    Hey everyone! I am doing much better with my CNA job now. I think I was just intimidated! Thanks for your advice.
  4. Penn Externship Program

    Has anyone here done the nurse Extern program at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania? I recently applied and I am just looking for some tips!
  5. I hate being a CNA

    That is my thinking. I'm going to give it 4 more shifts (end of my orientation) and then reevaluate. If even on the days I have off I am obsessing and getting sick to my stomach like I am now, I'll move on and find something else.
  6. I hate being a CNA

    That how i feel. Like i got home and just cried. i expected to be dealing with rehab patients that would get to go home being able to walk again, or gain back some independence like the facility told me. They said everyone is out within a month, the...
  7. I hate being a CNA

    Thank you for this, and thank you for not telling me what a terrible nurse I'm going to be because I don't like LTC. I think I'm struggling with self doubt because it is all so new and overwhelming and honestly I have no idea what I'm doing. I know p...
  8. I hate being a CNA

    I just finished my second year, going into 3rd, but yes. despite being halfway done with school.
  9. I hate being a CNA

    Yes I've applied to a bunch of hospitals and just haven't heard back from them. Everyone wants someone with acute care experience but no one wants to take the chance on someone new.
  10. I hate being a CNA

    Nursing is deff. what I want to do, just not in a LTC facility. Im actually looking to be a family nurse practitioner. That really has been one of my biggest reasons for going to nursing school.
  11. I hate being a CNA

    I just don't know if i can stick it out because it gives me so much anxiety just thinking about it.
  12. I hate being a CNA

    Purple roses, I think its a little but of both. I'd rather do vitals and learn to do EKGs or something more technical and less turning and feeding and transferring. I also don't enjoy seeing patients who no longer want to live refuse food and not spe...
  13. I hate being a CNA

    I don't really, know, i just don't like it. I don't like the heavy lifting (I'm about 100lbs soaking wet), it is just like we are basically waiting for people to die. I also don't like changing adult diapers, and it seems like everyone around me know...
  14. I hate being a CNA

    Hi everyone, I really need some advice. So I'm going into my junior year as a BSN student. This summer i decided to get a CNA job as a way to get some experience and build my resume. I got hired at a "rehab" facility. Turns out, all the patients are ...