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MaryAnnD has 16 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. MaryAnnD

    How do you explain the DNP?

    I am a Uk nurse (BSc) and have a chronic illness. My care is managed by both a CNS and medical staff. I dont know what post grad qualifications the nurses have, but they are fabulous in helping me manage my condition. I get more time and their approa...
  2. MaryAnnD

    My rights after pt assault

    Was recently assaulted and I pushed it all the way. Patient was arrested, red carded from my hospital.
  3. MaryAnnD

    wrong medication

    Are you a support worker?
  4. MaryAnnD

    A day in the life of a UK nurse

    We don't have HCAs in our ITU so all personal care delivered by RN.
  5. MaryAnnD

    What I learned this week (7/4/15)....

    I learned just how compassion from a nurse makes things feel better.