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  1. LotusNurse

    I Finally Passed NCLEX After 6 years!

    I'm not sure if its unlimited attempts.
  2. LotusNurse

    I Finally Passed NCLEX After 6 years!

    Thank you! Im in California.
  3. LotusNurse

    I Finally Passed NCLEX After 6 years!

    I just wanted to come on to offer some encouragement! I graduated LVN nursing school back in 2014. My life back then was wild. I was not focused and was really immature. I took the NCLEX 5 times and failed all the times. I never really studied. In 2019 I went to the Rachel Allen live 10 day class which was very helpful but I still didn't take the test right away. I finally scheduled the test for this month. I used UWorld religiously and made sure I did ALL of the questions! Even the day before my test I did some questions. I was scoring 40-45% on the sets of questions. I stayed consistent and prayed a whole lot. I passed NCLEX with all 130 questions! I left the center feeling unsure but was still confident that I did my very best. I did the PVT trick and got the good pop up!! I then did the quick result and saw those letters: PASS! Never give up!! Has anyone in CA recently passed NCLEX? How long did it take from passing to being able to request your license on breeze? Thanks for reading!