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    USF BS-DNP Fall Program 2019

    Hello, I was in your situation not too long ago where I graduated with my BSN from USF and jumped right into the DNP. I am not aware how the interview process is now but when I did it, a panel consisting of a psychologist, the professor in charge of my chosen field and a random professor asked 3 questions. Take your time and think about the response and show confidence.
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    USF FNP fall 18

    I began AGPC tracke fall of 2017, so I believe the curriculum is still the same. The first semester, Organizational and Systems Leadership course has 3 live sessions to attend. The second semester, Health assessment course has bi-weekly live sessions, therefor, you have a little time should you manage your time well, before you need to move to the Tampa area. Congratulations on being accepted.
  3. Medic6758

    How old were you

    I was 39 when I took my first prerequisite course, and completed my BSN 6 months before my 44th birthday and I was not the oldest in my cohort.
  4. Medic6758

    USF Nursing Applicants 2017

    I went to USF spring of 2015 and all I had to do was write a 2 page page single spaced essay on 3 scenario type questions. The only interview I did was for their graduate program and I do not believe they would ask the same type of question. My advise for any essay or interview, paint a picture with your words and try to use examples to help capture what your are attempting to convey so it sounds less scripted; remember these people do not know you and are interviewing many candidates, so shine above the others. You worked hard to get this far and you are almost there, you can do it.
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    USF Nursing Applicants 2017

    I am a USF graduate and I can tell you that I have seen perspective students come in with perfect 4.0 GPA's and not get accepted due to not performing well on the interview, I have also witnessed students with 3.5 GPA's be accepted, me being one of them. You have a lot to offer, and let them know that in a clear concise voice, be confident and thoroughly explain your responses with examples, and try not to sound scripted. Good luck, you can do it.
  6. Medic6758

    Another "Am I good enough" Post!

    FYI, USF does not require the TEAS or any test for their program. However, they do have an intense interview process. I have seen potential students with perfect 4.0 GPA's get denied, and I have witnessed students with GPA's as low as 3.5 get accepted. It all comes down to how well you interview.
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    Looking for a nursing school without TEAS or HESI

    I recently graduated from USF and they do not require the TEAS, however, there interview process is stringent.
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    Rasmussen college,here I come

    I see the point you are making, however, I live in the NPR region and all the state and community colleges in the area offer nursing degrees in less than 2 years once you have the pre-reqs. In addition, there is no 3 year wait list for any school in the area, I know many who went right into PHSC, HCC or USF and obtained nursing degrees without having to wait other than the following semester.
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    Last question sata

    I just took the Nclex last week and passed with 76 questions with my last being a SATA.
  10. Medic6758

    Passed NCLEX

    I answered all the questions on the Nclex mastery app, and supplemented it with ATI.
  11. Medic6758

    Passed NCLEX

    Just received my results and I passed with 76 questions and it feels surreal to be all done.
  12. Medic6758

    NCLEX Advice/Help Needed

    Similar to you, I finished and graduated my program on May 5, this past Monday I purchased the Nclex Rn Mastery app and it took me 2 days to answer approximately 1700+ questions along with using ATI. On Wednesday I went over only the 350+ questions I got wrong. On Thursday at 8am I took the Nclex and it stopped at 76 questions and as of this morning I found out I passed.
  13. Medic6758

    Passed NCLEX

    Thank you
  14. I do not know if it is still offered, however, at USF one can apply for a special permit to take the patho course and those who achieve an A have been accepted into the program the following open enrollment.
  15. Medic6758

    Usf np fall 2017 applicants

    Should you decide to go full time, an affidavit has to be signed stating you agree to the course load and that you cannot go to part time should issues arise.
  16. Upper division
  17. My GPA was 3.6
  18. From speaking to a few professors conducting interviews at the CON, the interview holds substantial weight in comparison to the GPA. Many who apply have high GPA's, therefore, it is the interview that sets everyone apart. I can attest, being my GPA was on the low end and I was accepted into the program.
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    Usf np fall 2017 applicants

    I too was accepted into the NP program and look forward to meeting everyone at orientation.
  20. Medic6758

    USF Accelerated BSN Fall 2015!

    Hello Taybray, the one piece of advice I can give you is regardless of your GPA whether superb or mediocre the essay plays a significant role in being accepted. Therefore, try to get multiple opinions on your essay in order to submit the best paper possible.
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    University of South Florida 2016

    Fall enrollment opens up early March and I believe closes late April.
  22. Medic6758

    Hillsborough Community College Nursing Fall 2016

  23. Medic6758

    University of South Florida 2016

    Hello, after answering the 3 questions i did not have enough space for a conclusion otherwise I would have went over. The committee that reads the essay frowns if you go over the 2 page limit, however, I have read the essays of fellow student who were accepted and some managed to fit in a conclusion. Remember it is 2 pages single spaced.
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    University of South Florida 2016

    I was accepted this past summer; you can ask me your question if you like.
  25. Medic6758

    South University April 2016 cohort

    For patho I had Dr. Suescun, I cannot remember who I had for English but he was a tall relatively young guy. My overall GPA was 3.57 and TEAS of 75, however, if you get an A in patho it pretty much guarantees one a seat.

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