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  1. undefeated-lvn

    considering quiting current new case

    Hello, I'm sorry who was that in reference too?.
  2. undefeated-lvn

    considering quiting current new case

    Very true, thank you for your reply.
  3. undefeated-lvn

    Don't Risk Your Job Over Social Media

    augh will never forget having a meet and greet with mother,as far I knew the meet and greet went swell went home logged into my fb and she was posted as a friend suggestion..which means she looked me up immediately after I left fortunately I hardly ever post anything on fb I more so log in to see what other ppl post ...needless to say in the end I didn't accept the case.
  4. undefeated-lvn

    considering quiting current new case

    yeah you're probably right the family don't really know me ...that's why when my boss called me in the beginning telling me how much the family loves me after 3 days I knew things can quickly flip and I didn't really think much of it ... what her other nurse do I'm not willing to do ,so if the parents are leery of that because of my privacy then so be it... I guess I just got over paranoid when the mother made that comment to her daughter in front of me.. and then come in to shift tonight and get questioned on if iv given her med...ill try to stay until I actively seek and find another case.. thanks for your reply.
  5. undefeated-lvn

    Wrong Job or Wrong Profession?

    if you're looking for something more stable/routine there's always long term care and also private duty....being a nurse is challenging but one thing I encourage is to put on a poker face never show distress on your face to families or patient...and if you feel you need something slower pace or feel this is putting your hard earned license at risk then its better to immediately find another job and remove yourself from any dangerous sitiations whether you're doubting your career the fact still remains you have worked too hard to let your degree go by not removing yourself from a bad situation. Even if I were you if you can I would probably go prn with them until you get comfortable at least your not bound to having to work a prn request. But if you cant its understandable but please look for something lesser acuity
  6. undefeated-lvn

    Disability for Psych

    I'm s sorry to hear about what happened...the bon are tough and one thing we weren't taught in school is that the boards DONT have your back three years ago I was involved in a car accident I was young dropping off a friend on thanksgiving the area wasn't that great it was my first accident and I panicked from shock that I never experienced in my life and drove off but I stopped and flagged the police ..and told them what happened long story short I put myself in a swirl spin of trouble got arrested and boards got involved they were actually tougher on me the the actual state of law... they wanted me to give up my license even though I was not intoxicated/never did drugs/and never been in any previous trouble..i simply panicked late at night thank god I got a good lawyer that fought hard for me ...now I'm able to work without any restrictions due to it not directly involving nursing but I'm on probation with them for 2 years meaning my employer has to give them a 3 month update on me plus I have remedial courses to take..im really fortunate to have gotten this but I repeat the boards are not pleasant ppl to answer your question I think its always best when boards contact you involving them wanting to take action against you ,you should immediately get a lawyer and let them respond on your behalf ,i still advise you to do that because your file with boards will be open ...speak to a lawyer first and get there opinion on what your next move should be...
  7. undefeated-lvn

    Dating during Nursing school

    you can date who ever you want,but keep in mind relationships if they don't work out can either end on good or bad terms...and when in nursing school whether you want to accept it or whether you can care less about some of your classmates or not the ppl in your class become like family ,since you're seeing them almost everyday .... I would evaluate who your about to date personality,and emotionally/maturity level if it weren't to work out is this person the type to go back and talk bad about you to other classmates(venting) or is this person mature to keep it friendly and mature...is this person the jealous type ?to when you start talking to other classmates they begin to get jealous..where as before it wasn't a big deal since you two were just friends....these are all things to think about iv seen this first hand when I was in nursing school and ultimately it ruined both parties made it awkward .. and worst of all EVERYONE in class knew there business....
  8. undefeated-lvn

    Unfair, unfair, unfair

    with a issue like this I understand the bon getting involved...but honestly the boards of nursing are getting out of hand I know of someone getting punished for not renewing her renewal tags on her car!...I mean come on keep it related to nursing but when I hear stuff like them punishing ppl for things non nursing related I cant help but to think negative of the boards ...
  9. undefeated-lvn

    considering quiting current new case

    so I recently just got hired at a new home health pediatric agency for private duty. I'm currently working for a famiy that appears to be very friendly for the most part, I work night shift Saturday and sunday only... the problems I'm having in particular is that after only my third day the mother gave a heartfelt story out of the blue of ALL the other nurses that didn't work out for the most part she made it appear as if it were the nurses fault.ex: being unprofessional,leaving the home without permission ,nurses freaking out because the client gb came out .....she then proceeded after ony my third day to tell me that I reminded her of her other nurse that worked with her for years but had to leave due to her going back to her country.. iv been doing pdn for quite some time so I kinda got the vibe the mother is sneaky and may appear nice on outside but gossips about the nurses to to other nurses.so it isn't a stretch that she would gossip about me I reframed from engaging in talking about other nurses,and simply responded to her horror stories of the nurses from the past "that hopefully things sort themselves out and sorry to hear what happened". she has a nurse that has been with her for years and to me the nurse is very comfortable supposedly she babysits her other kids on her OFF DAYS,she also has went on family vaction with them,and the mom told me she always come in a hour late but its okay to just let her know because she doesnt "dock her nurses" .the mother invited me to her church but I never went because I want my job to stay in boundaries I don't want to be a friend I want to be a nurse to the client that's why I'm here if she do ask personal questions I keep it limited and always quickly switch conversation to the client... now forward 1 month later the parents are starting to question me .. like tonight when I came in the father nicely asked me did I give the client a med that was due in morning ..I told him yes and even mentioned that I opened the new bottle because the old one had very little liquid medication left in bottle... he responded "okay great" ...but minutes later down the hall I hear him telling his wife that he asked and what I had said.... another thing I noticed the day before my shift tonight was yesterday morning as I was brushing my clients hair the mother was holding her head as I brushing her hair due to her having( cerebral palsy/non verbal ) the mom holds her neck and Im usually the one that brush her hair.. yesterday my client turned her head to me as I was brushing her hair and looked back at her mom...I didn't think much of it because she does that quit often from what I see..i just smiled at her and said I'm almost done .. but the mother looked at her and made the comment "whats wrong you can tell mommy you wont get in trouble" I was shocked the mom said that ..my client only smiles with either her mom and dad even the nurse that orientated me that's been with the family 6 years even that night she didn't smile to her ,but I'm also getting the sense the parents feel if the daughter smiles constantly like how she do with the parents then the client must like the nurse..when in actuality I feel she doesnt really smile at the nurses voices only her parents.. sorry for long post I'm just needing advice on would you stay or leave. thank you