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  1. NurseE14

    Lpn to rn transition Forsyth Tech 2018

    Hey there, I have yet to take my teas for Forsyth. Is that the only school your applying to?
  2. NurseE14

    Davidson county community colleg

    @georgenance have you taken the TEAS test yet?
  3. NurseE14

    DCCC Summer 2017 Lpn-Adn

    Does anyone know if the exam can be taken more than once?
  4. NurseE14


    My background and drug screen was $70 if you have been married or lived in a different state it will be more.
  5. NurseE14


    You got your spot?!!!!
  6. NurseE14


    Ok good lol! She will call when you least expect it
  7. NurseE14


    Smm, don't go and send her an email going off on her and you end up having the chance to get called and they skip you. I know it's frustrating but if your #5 then chances are you'll get called. I know it's hard and you want to know NOW but things will work out...
  8. NurseE14

    ITT Breckenridge school Tulsa

    That's great, the schools I contacted in NC wouldn't accept the credits...I guess it depends on your location.
  9. NurseE14


    The next deadline is May 9th...
  10. NurseE14

    Forsyth Tech PN Program 2014

    I can't tell if anyone has missed orientation, but we have a bunch of deadlines to meet so I'm sure someone will fail to meet the deadline.
  11. NurseE14

    Durham Tech ADN 2014

    Hey y'all congrats on your acceptance! What was the deadline for you to confirm your seats?
  12. NurseE14

    Forsyth Tech PN Program 2014

    I started to look at stethoscopes, I want a littmann cardiology III but I will wait until orientation to see what is allowed.
  13. NurseE14

    Forsyth Tech PN Program 2014

    Sb2588 my CNA is up to date, I work in the hospital. But I think if you have the time to re-certify now I would, I mean it wouldn't hurt. I know I will be so excited to start in August the last thing I'll be thinking about is my CNA certification! Lol
  14. NurseE14

    Forsyth Tech PN Program 2014

    Terristrong keep us updated!
  15. NurseE14

    Forsyth Tech PN Program 2014

    Mine was dated the 19th I got it the 20th