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Honyebee is a CNA and specializes in Customer service.

I'm a student nurse.šŸ˜Ž

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  1. Honyebee

    IVPB simultaneous or not?

    I have seen patients with more than one IV lines. Tell me if I'm imagining things. šŸ¤” Read the original post. It's about IVPB. However, this is a specific answer to her question, NOT all IVBP and infusions. Do I have to reiterate everything here?
  2. Honyebee

    IVPB simultaneous or not?

    I don't know what it means about IVPB at your school. I'd like to watch the NS0.9% and vanco infusing at the same rate 125mL/hr. However, yes, there are medications can't be infused with gravity, must be with a separate line, and pump device. I'll check my IVPB, secondary lines, medications that are must not share with IV lines,...etc. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Honyebee

    IVPB simultaneous or not?

    Understandable. Hopefully another teachers will look at it.
  4. Honyebee

    IVPB simultaneous or not?

    Did your teacher specified it in the test that it was infuse at the same time? Read this https://allnurses.com/running-maintenance-ivpb-simultaneously-t559659/
  5. Honyebee

    Having Trouble Following The Narrative

    I understand people who are scared of the vaccines or medically unable to be inoculated, but I will never understand people who deliberately ignore the safety precautions. Washing hands, use masks, and keep a social distance are another way to slow down or pevent the transmission until those brainiacs figure out a better resolution to this endless madness of COVID-19.
  6. Honyebee

    Vaccination Mandating

    There are people treat this pandemic like STD tthingy thing...taking a risk. They need to be told what to do. This is why we have a mandatory.
  7. Honyebee

    Possible DUI/Wet Reckless Conviction During Nursing School

    AZ-BON It doesn't matter now. Wait for the decision. Also, your record will not evaporate that easily. Take care.
  8. Honyebee

    Did you take pathophysiology? how hard was it?

    No, I didn't take it but the pharm class has pathophysiology in it. My instructor is fabulous at explaining it and is dumbing it down. It's like having med surg with pharmacology at the same time. He is that excellent at it. I wish I could clone a professor like him, so everyone can enjoy the painful class.
  9. Honyebee

    Challenge NCLEX-PN in California via Method 3

    Why would you manufacture cover up about your school? Please explain the angle of your predicament if you don't mind. I just don't get your rationale. There's nothing wrong that you passed the LPN or LVN without going to a formal nursing school. Be proud of it. Congratulations!
  10. Honyebee

    Iā€™m Out ā€¦ (Cue Mic Drop)

    You can circumvent it all you want. Everything is racist. I understand. Sprinkle it with your favorite sauce, fruits, candies, and etc.
  11. Honyebee

    Iā€™m Out ā€¦ (Cue Mic Drop)

    Go to the mathematics world if you don't want to deal with skin color.
  12. Honyebee

    How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    With my personal experience taking a prescription that has been proven safe and effective for millions of women but for me, I'm less judgmental of people. I had medication (will not mention which one because some (doctors and) nurses might recognize me here) sent me to an ED. That med almost got me killed; on the other hand, it has been helping millions of women and has been proven to be safed and effective for many years. Doctors from different specialties came in to see me in less than a day. I had one nurse just for me in each shift. All the attention I craved for so long, I had one just for me. LOL. I'm kidding. No infections. No illicit drugs except levothyroxine and vitamins. My lab showed otherwise normal in many-body systems. I was and am at optimal weight. Not borderline skinny or overweight. I don't protest that women shouldn't take that medication. I don't even post about it on social media because I don't want people to panic.Too bad I had it bad. I'm just grateful my organs weren't damaged. The doctors and nurses are truly lifesavers. My primary doctor stated I was unlucky and must avoid that drug for the rest of my life. I'm popular in lab places.
  13. Honyebee

    How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    They understand. For whatever reason, they want an instant result that is impossible to obtain right now.
  14. Honyebee

    How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    OK. I'll wait 2023 after they try the vaccines on bananas, watermelons, and mangos.
  15. Honyebee

    Please Describe Your COVID Experience in One Word?

  16. Honyebee

    How many unvaccinated coworkers are you aware of?

    I haven't seen any medical articles that the vaccinated people are generally the ones in ICU or severely sick from the COVID-19 vaccines. If the vaccinated people are flooding the hospitals, it's understandable not to be vaccinated. I feel bad for those people who are having reactions to the vaccines. Nobody should be ill. After all, we want to be free from pain and deaths.