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  1. cmckee

    Switching Careers - Architect to Nurse

    thanks Silver 2 - i'm curious what was your prior career and the reason for your shift?... if you don't mind me asking :)
  2. cmckee

    Switching Careers - Architect to Nurse

    thank you for your comments! stcabr & Biffbradford - thank you for suggesting the volunteer work or a nursing assistant... very good ideas. You're right! the older you do get as an architect the more respect you're given and the more value you have. The problem is many times the further you go in the field the further you get away from designing. It becomes much more about project management - arguing with contractors/clients, etc. kungpoopanda I have volunteered for a emergency hotline as an advocate and it was very rewarding... I just am not sure I can find the same thing in architecture (although I am looking!) and am ready for a change. I think volunteering is the way to go. Thanks again everyone!
  3. Hello! I've been in the field of architecture for 10 years and i'm deciding to make a career shift. I've always found it too impersonal and I'm ready to move on. I took my first pre-req for nursing last year but have been second guessing things after I have talked with some nurses/people who have nurses in their family that say it's way too repetitive and hierarchical (dealing with doctors/surgeons and not being able to make many decisions) I was interested in nursing because of the human connection, the flexibility within the field (types of nursing jobs) and the schedule. I'm feeling a little hesitant to jump into something completely new and certainly with very little overlap when I'm hearing some negative feedback - any comments/advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks!