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  1. Ultrasound Guided IV's Keep Blowing

    I always avoid the basilic vein when placing a PIV - that vein may be needed for a PICC, it's generally to deep for a regular PIV and the path isn't always appropriate for a PIV (as mentioned above in posts). Even if your using a longer catheter the ...
  2. Clinical Educator Interviews....No Success

    If the facility has a nurse recruiter or a specific person handling the interview process I would try and speak with them. Don't say "I want this job" ask "What can I do to better my chances of getting this job". Ask them if you can improve on anythi...
  3. Does anyone still teach percussion in assessment?

    I do not teach so from a students side...I did learn about percussion during my ADN and BSN program. I never used it during bedside assessments but I do think it is helpful to learn just so you understand the concept. Also you understand when a physi...
  4. Implanted Ports & Heparin Flushes

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I am seeing it varies greatly among different facilities.
  5. Implanted Ports & Heparin Flushes

    Thank you Maritimer! Yeah we do not use heparin on the Groshong PICCs, but out ports are PowerPorts...They require heparin its just an issue of how to word how often to use it.
  6. Implanted Ports & Heparin Flushes

    Yes thank you Wuzzie. I am just trying to get of feel of how others utilize heparin.
  7. Implanted Ports & Heparin Flushes

    Hello everyone! I wanted to get information on others policies...I have found some online but thought this would also help. I have to update our flush protocols and need to know what other hospitals do and have articles to back it. So far I have fou...
  8. Increase PICC numbers

    Those numbers are awesome! I just don't understand why our numbers are so low?!?! As far as I know even years ago when the nurse was "busy" she was placing maybe 800 a year. I actually do currently do rounds on all central lines, offer to do PIVs, a...
  9. CVC placement by Vascular Access Nurses

    Yes true! I get on to my nurses all the time for not classifying PICCs as central lines....Now there I go doing the same!
  10. CRNI Study

    Just looking at this again! I have been busy with my BSN, thank you! I will look into it I am a member of INS.
  11. Increase PICC numbers

    I just wanted to see other hospitals (similar is size) PICC numbers are. I am a 1 person vascular access department, I work bankers hours. We usually have about 250-290 patients in house. I am not trained on pediatric. Last year I placed about 600 P...
  12. CVC placement by Vascular Access Nurses

    I love this! I often have wondered if I could ever be trained to place central lines. My biggest criteria issue is renal patients. Placing traditional CVCs would resolve this issue. When you say mentor, who is that? We have Critical Care physicians ...
  13. Ultrasound PIV

    Has anyone else done ultrasound PIV placement teaching of had it done at your facility? We are about to teach some nurses and I just wanted to others experiences. How many nurses did you teach? What departments do they work in? How successful was ...
  14. CRNI Study

    Thanks y'all. I never would have picked the DVD just the book but sounds like I may need too. No study partner, it's just me. I am trying to talk our infusion nurse into getting hers with me but she is working on her chemo certification right now.
  15. CRNI Study

    I am wanting to get my CRNI. I took the VA-BC test and it was not that difficult but I have heard CRNI is more difficult. Does anyone have any tips? Is the study guide enough for the test or should I get more information beyond that? I am taking cla...