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  1. This is a long shot, but is anyone out there still working on an application for any 2019 nursing programs? I know most schools closed applications for this year months ago, but I keep finding schools here and there that still have seats left... where are you applying still? I know Jefferson Fact 1 and 2 are still accepting for example...
  2. Hi Lana, I saw that you applied to Utica. Are you applying to their online ABSN program? I'm wondering if anyone has heard any good reviews of the program... Thank you!

  3. KaityKait

    Utica College Online ABSN

    So, I looked through the archives and I couldn't find any recent reviews of Utica College's Online ABSN program. The courses are online and the clinicals are held near campus. Does anyone on here have any feedback for this program? I am not looking for advice on online vs. brick and mortar--that is research I have done a ton of: on here, elsewhere, via personal experience, etc, etc... Anyone go through this program?
  4. KaityKait

    Anyone else?

    Yup! Single, no savings, no idea how people make it happen... woohoo!
  5. KaityKait

    Do I have to disclose mental illness

    Omission in this case is not a lie. This person was protecting their privacy. Right to privacy is still a thing, especially in the case of disability. Fact check me, but I'm fairly certain I am on to something here...
  6. Is this a thing?? I am a prospective nursing student with disabilities that have kept me from applying for years... I work in home health now as a caregiver but have avoided nursing school for fear that being neurodivergent might disqualify me from the field...
  7. KaityKait

    Can’t cope with death, should I even go to nursing school?

    Hi! I'm replying to you mainly because all of the questions I was looking for tonight have no answers to them, which just bums me out. So I'm on here--and I'm gonna answer you! I am not yet an RN, but I have been working in health care as a home health aide for years. Here's what I know: Nursing as a field has more different kinds of jobs then you could possibly imagine yet. I've been courting the field of nursing like a dead-beat boyfriend for over a decade now, and I only just today heard about an RN who works at Volvo's headquarters. That's right. The car company. He get's Volvo's perks, wears a suit and tie to work, and mostly nurses hangovers, and paper cuts. Mind you--I am getting this story second hand. But the home health nurse who I was working with today was telling me about it trying to relay to me the very point that I'm trying to pass on to you: If you don't cope well with death, you can point your career in a less "dire" direction. (pun) The other thing to keep in mind is like with everything else, there is a learning curve. While death may be a huge trigger for you now, you might just find that you love working with people on their last leg in the long run. Hospice used to be almost a phobia for me, this summer I found myself loving working alongside the hospice nurses when things took a turn for my grandfather. I still don't think I will be going into hospice myself, but I got to see how much I've grown in that department. If you want to be a nurse don't let this one edge ruin your dreams. Every nurse I've ever asked has made it clear that they have one thing they can't cope with. Here's another fine tip. And I think it's worth considering at any stage in your career. If something is causing that much anxiety for you, it would be worth seeking out counsel of someone you can really talk this through with. If for no other reason then to talk it out and process that stress now, when it's first coming up, rather then trying to push it down. ...I wish someone had given me the number of a good therapist after I did my first EMT training. Good luck!
  8. KaityKait

    PBHNP Online program for New York???

    Robert, I am looking for information on Utica's online ABSN. Send me a DM or reply here if you see this message...
  9. KaityKait

    Shenandoah University 2015

    I read through the old posts on SU's BSN program and I would love it if folks who either are attending there or have recently could chime in on how they liked SU's nursing program. It seems there is a lot of discrepancy on here as to whether or not their nursing department is organized, inspired and worthwhile. I also only found site-specific info on their leesburg campus. I am currently considering their accelerated BSN for this coming fall (2015) at their Winchester location. Anyone have first hand experience with SU in Winchester? High and lows of the program? Were you successful in finding work right after graduation? Thank you! -KK
  10. KaityKait

    Shenandoah University Accelerated BSN

    anyone here starting SU's accelerated BSN this coming fall (2015)?
  11. KaityKait

    Don't Want To Touch Patients!

    i agree, hospitals are a safe haven for germaphobes in a weird way. all those gloves and protocol, its like a dream... and i was working housekeeping!! now i am a pre-nursing student and the real germaphobe cure for me was taking microbiology. learning how infections actually happen and the reality behind illness prevention took a HUGE weight off my shoulders. as for the not wanting to touch people thing--thats a second issue. sometimes that sentiment really changes when a human being really NEEDS u to touch them. and here, in my opinion is what makes the difference between a nurse and a great nurse... do they remember their first BM incident bc it was traumatic and they survived it in front of their mentors? or do they remember their first BM incident bc they helped another human being regain a shred of dignity and comfort during a moment of intense struggle? i have seen a lot of cynacism on floor, both as a caregiver and a housekeeper, but it was watching the nurses who DO because something NEEDS done that inspired me to pursue this line of work. Mopping up vom is gross and meaningless when it is detached from the reality at hand, but when you know you are wiping away a piece of someone's embarrassment or discomfort at a time when they are most vulnerable it can make even housekeeping a heartwarming and rewarding job. -KK
  12. KaityKait

    Nurse Practitioner Programs in Canada?

    Did anyone ever get any info on this?
  13. Also, I have done a lot of research (and discussing and meditating...) on alternative entry verses BA-BSN or RN-MSN/NP and fee confident that while I MIGHT go for my RN first, a direct entry/alternative entry NP program is in fact a solid option for me. Feel free to comment otherwise, but specifically I am curious about which AE programs out there truly rock.
  14. Hello!! I am new here, but I see there are a lot of threads out there on AE/direct entry BA-MSN and I have been digging through them... however I am particularly interested in school specific information. I have a BA and could go ANYWHERE in the world, what matters most to me is finding an MSN NP program that is hands on and clinical focused. Distance learning is an awesome technological advance for certain situations, but I want a COHORT and I want to have my hands in it. I want study buddies and professors who are charged and available. If you know of programs like this out there or have been through one yourself please write in about it. In particular I would love to be up in Washington near Seattle or perhaps down South around TN, FL or the Carolinas--but I am most interested in hearing from you. Also please comment on relative prices. If you are describing the best, most hands-on program ever and it's approx $100,000 please mention that. If you know of a pretty good program and it's notably affordable--please mention that too! Thank you all in advance!