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  1. Failed AANP Twice And Finally Passed

    Update:: I finally received my score of 671.
  2. Failed AANP Twice And Finally Passed

    Yes I had quite the busy schedule. I didn't even write down feeding and bathing and playing with my kids in between. Also cooking and cleaning LOL.
  3. Failed AANP Twice And Finally Passed

    Thank u for asking this. As soon as I got my certification number, I actually emailed a free clinic to see if I can get some shadowing time. They take PA, DO and MD students. I'm waiting for a reply from the coordinator now. Also, while I was workin...
  4. Failed AANP Twice And Finally Passed

    First and foremost, I understand that everyone's situation is different and that we all don't learn/study the same way. I just wanted to share my experiences with the entire process of actually finally being able to pass my boards. I completed m...
  5. Help in passing FNP aanp exam

    Hello I finally passed and I'm going to write a post on how I did it. I took it this past Friday.
  6. Help in passing FNP aanp exam

    Hi tuxedo, i find myself stuck between two answers and definitely not recalling the info..... and also not be able to make an educational guess.
  7. Help in passing FNP aanp exam

    7 points from passing. Diagnosis is my weakest
  8. Help in passing FNP aanp exam

    Hello, I have taken the FNP exam twice and have not passed. I've done leik and aanp. I'm desperate for tips. I think my main problem is learning how to read the question and eliminating the wrong answers. Please help.
  9. Advanced Pharm online

    Thanks so much for your input! UMass Boston have an online class this summer. I'm waiting for the professor to respond to me.
  10. Advanced Pharm online

    I never said I was required to take it at a different school. I'm required to turn in a syllabus if it is taken at a different school (Which in my case I NEED to take it at a different school, because I need to take it before clinicals which start i...
  11. Advanced Pharm online

    Hi nightnurse, I'm actually from RI. My FNP program is in RI, but no universities are offering advanced pharmacology at any of the colleges during this summer. Do you know of any in Mass?
  12. Advanced Pharm online

    Hi everyone, I was hoping someone can help me. I'm a FNP student and I need to take advanced pharm in the summer in order to graduate on time and decrease my workload during the academic year ( I don't think I can take pharm with assessment or wit...

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