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Hello, I have taken the FNP exam twice and have not passed. I've done leik and aanp. I'm desperate for tips. I think my main problem is learning how to read the question and eliminating the wrong answers. Please help.

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How close are you to passing? What categories are they saying you are weakest in?

7 points from passing. Diagnosis is my weakest

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When you read the explanations for questions you get wrong, are you able to identify why your thinking was incorrect? Are you having trouble recalling factual information while test taking? If diagnosis is a problem, do you find yourself torn between two similar diagnoses?

Hi tuxedo,

i find myself stuck between two answers and definitely not recalling the info..... and also not be able to make an educational guess.

Same problem with me too. Now I am not able to start studying again. Did you take your test again? If not can we study and crack togather? Despirately looking for a study partner

Hello I finally passed and I'm going to write a post on how I did it. I took it this past Friday.


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