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  1. Best & Worst April Fool's Pranks

    Yes we planned this for weeks to get the off duty right, so as we finished night shift the student was coming on day shift, and it was her last shift on this roataion.:roll :chuckle Come On there must be more pranksters out there to share with u...
  2. Best & Worst April Fool's Pranks

    ? Early morning shift in A&E (ER) we got one of the nurses to lay in rhesus on a trolley and covered her like she was dead then sent in the student nurse to clean the body before sending it down to the morgue, the nurse had been holding a bag of ...
  3. Why is it ok to euthanize animals but not humans

    I believe in euthanasia, but there should be certain measures in force to protect the patient. I believe euthanasia should be agreed by five people Foremost the patient if able to express there wishes Family members A consultant that covers the dis...
  4. The New Alphabet

    Any ideas how to improve on this?? Anyone got any better suggestions for any of the letters???? [bANANA]We Want Latex Free Gloves[/bANANA]
  5. What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I know a mother who named her baby girl Melena Definition of Melena Melena: Stools or vomit stained black by blood pigment or dark blood products I also Worked with a man called Tracy [banana]We Want Latex Free Gloves[/banana]
  6. Latex Allergies

    Hi all, Yes it was the powder from inside the gloves that set me off that night. I had been careful all night wearing my Vineyl gloves, I was helping a junior Doctor and when he snapped his gloves there was a plume of powder and within minutes I was ...
  7. What to do when... Patient stinks...

    Be careful doing above you may set all your asthmatic patients off. I carry a small cheap bottle of purfume and spray the backs of stinky patients when not looking. And the Vicks is great to. [bANANA]We Want Latex Free Gloves[/bANANA]
  8. Anyone have problems with Doctors who sleep at work

    Hi there everyone, I woke a doctor up on one night in A&E (ER) to tell him about a patient and he told me, "Tell the patient to get a pound of mince" then he layed down again and back to sleep. [bANANA]We Want Latex Free Gloves[/bANANA]
  9. The New Alphabet

    the new alphabet a is for apple, and b is for boat, that used to be right, but now it won’t float! age before beauty is what we once said. but let’s be a bit more realistic instead. now a’s for arthritis, b’s the bad back, c is the chest pains, perh...
  10. Bad Contracts with Bad Agencies

    No I have not sat my Exams yet, my origianl plan was so sign up with an agency and let them sort everything out. But after reading all this I have changed my mind and will be doing it all myself. I am a Registered General Nurse (RGN), Registered Chil...
  11. All the staff in A&E at the time wanted to get his mobile number, so we could give him a BUZZ, it kept us all buzzing all night. (We never did ring him). [bANANA]We Want Latex Free Gloves[/bANANA]
  12. Latex Allergies

    Hi there everyone and Thank You for all your comments so far. I have had one serious anaphylaxes, whilst working a night shift in A&E, when I junior Doctor snapped off his latex gloves in my face and I must have inhaled the powder, within minute...
  13. Latex Allergies

    Latex Allergies Hi Everyone, I am a Nurse Practitioner working in a GP (Doctor) surgery and have a latex allergy. Recently I applied for a job at my local hospital to work in A&E (ER) and was told by Occupational Health that it would be to ex...
  14. In A&E (UK) 2am, a young lad comes in with foreign body in the anus, he had put his mobile phone on vibrate, when we eventually pulled it out there was only one missed call,:Melody:
  15. Bad Contracts with Bad Agencies

    Pls send me PM for the list of bad agency's that you encountered so that we can avoid them.tks