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  1. Pediatric CCRN

    Hi! Passed the exam last June 20th. It was not bad, just like a nursing school exam but you actually understand what it’s asking you because you have seen or heard of it (hopefully it makes sense). 150 questions for 3 hours (only 125 questions are sc...
  2. Pediatric CCRN

    Hi guys! I'm about to take the Pediatric CCRN in a week, and I'm so nervous because AACN just updated the exam a month ago. Hoping there's not a lot of changes... I am just wondering what study materials and what practice questions did you use to pre...
  3. Memorial Hermann GN Residency Summer 2017

    Anyone who applied to MH for medical IMU? did y'all receive any call or email?
  4. Texas Children's July 2017 GN residency

    Hey! I also accepted the offer for CVICU night! I guess we will be working together! i'll send you a personal message for the shift differential!
  5. PVAMU Spring 2015

    Oh, same thing happened to me. I called 936-261-1700. They had to put me in the system, then I was able to make an account.
  6. PVAMU Spring 2015

    I had to call them and it seems that they had to put me in the system. Thanks guys!
  7. PVAMU Spring 2015

    For the PV ID, is that the Student ID or your pvamu email address? I tried several times but it says that it invalid username/pw.
  8. PVAMU Spring 2015

    Hey guys, did any of you received an email about the ID Cards? I went to the but I can't log in or register an account...
  9. PVAMU Spring 2015

    Hey guys, is anyone of you trying to find an apartment near the school? or can recommend an apartment near the school?
  10. PVAMU Spring 2015

    I was confused too! I entered the TX 920440Z but TX923490Z came out as the ORI number in my receipt!
  11. PVAMU Spring 2015

    I submitted my packet last week (w/out any scholarship application). I am waiting for the school to email/ask me if i need more requirement... For the scholarship, I really have no idea how to do this... i just made sure i had all my requirements do...
  12. PVAMU Spring 2015

    Which scholarship are you applying? Have you submitted all your requirements?
  13. PVAMU Spring 2015

    We don't have to pick up the result for the drug test. They'll send it directly to the school! just make sure you got the chain of custody form!
  14. PVAMU Spring 2015

    yes! and i just attached the proof of vaccination in the packet.
  15. PVAMU Spring 2015

    Hi blueberry, I needed a titer of MMR, Varicella, and Hep C. I got vaccinated with the rest. The school requires titer... so even though you had been vaccinated you still have to get the titer. The drug test is $35 and i was not covered by my insura...