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Pediatric CCRN

Hi guys!

I'm about to take the Pediatric CCRN in a week, and I'm so nervous because AACN just updated the exam a month ago. Hoping there's not a lot of changes...

I am just wondering what study materials and what practice questions did you use to prepare for the exam?

Thank you so much!

adventure_rn, BSN

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How did it go? I'm debating applying to take it in the next month or so.

Also, did you have any delays signing up for a testing slot? I've been worried that it would be hard to get a testing appointment since so many people's tests were put on hold due to covid.

Hi! Passed the exam last June 20th. It was not bad, just like a nursing school exam but you actually understand what it’s asking you because you have seen or heard of it (hopefully it makes sense). 150 questions for 3 hours (only 125 questions are scored and you only need 87 to pass). Scored 110 out of 125. For content review, The AACN review and nurse builders review helped. Did 3 days for content review, then just did a lot of practice questions.

for testing, it depends on you state/city. I live in Houston and we have a lot of exam centers that I can pick and choose. They did close for a few weeks due to Covid, but our state opened up early too. They had a lot of open slots, but I had to schedule 3 weeks early. Just schedule your exam early, It was a great motivator for me. After I know my exam date, I actually planned out and seriously started studying!

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adventure_rn, BSN

Specializes in NICU, PICU.

I passed! I used the AACN review module and practice question bank, and supplemented with the AACN Core Curriculum textbook. I didn't feel great about it going in (the practice questions were hard!), but the test actually went really well.

I had a harder time than expected registering, though. 😕 The dates I wanted were readily available (I was able to schedule as early as two weeks out), but the registration process was a mess. The online system kept locking me out from registering at my preferred testing center, and gave me a message to call the office. I called as soon as they opened, and still had to wait on hold for over an hour to get my exam scheduled.

Two weeks before my exam date, I got an email saying that my exam had been cancelled due to covid, and I had to reschedule. Again, I got locked out of the online system, and again, I had to wait on hold for over an hour to reschedule; the second time around, the hold system actually hung up on me because there were too many callers and told me to try later (even though I'd already been on hold for half an hour). Fortunately I only had to push my exam back by one day, but I did have to change my work schedule around this week.

I'm just so glad it's over with, because I was worried that they'd cancel my exam again due to further covid restrictions. What a mess.


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Hey y’all! CONGRATS on your passes! I did NOT pass the exam. I studied diligently. I used Nursebuilders and, for my exam, was very disappointed in the comparison. I went back over the questions and found that maybe 20 out of the 400 practice questions were even remotely mentioned in the exam. I’m a decent test taker, decent experience, never fail anything, and studied well. I’m going to take it again, but I won’t recommend that Nursebuilders book for anything! I’m going to try the other suggestions y’all mentioned. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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