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    Slowing Down

    Thank you for your response. Yes I have looked into staff development and ambulatory.
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    Slowing Down

    I have arthritis and fibromyalgia (and a few other things). Needless to say I have chronic pain. Some days are good days and some days are not so good, needless to say to don't move as fast as a used to. The problem I have is that I don't know to what point my slower mobility will effect my ability to provide optimal care for my patients. I am currently a floor nurse on a medical/surgical unit. Supervisors have questioned me about not being able to to do my job because there are days when a I move slower than other or limp. I can walk but I don;t more slowly than before. I am looking at getting off the floor and into some other specialties. What specialties are out there where my slower movement will not be a factor? I have 7 years of home health, 2 1/2 years LTC/ Post acute/rehab and about 3 months medical/surgical. I have my MSN in nursing education but I am finding that they what lots and lots of acute care experience to be a nurse educator, to teach, or be a case manager. Office based positions are few and far between. What other specialties are there that I could do where being slower moving when I walk would not be an issue? (I don't hobble I just walk at a slower pace)