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    Nursing Job Change: Jump Ship or Sit Tight? 5 Things to Consider

    Sometimes change is necessary- for me it was the right time to leave my other job but I loved our team and the comfortableness of being on the senior side of things. I needed to move though so I left it behind. That being said- I hate hate my new job. I tried an entirely new field and style of working and its painful. I don't intend to stay but I don't give up easily so Ill do my best for long as I can and then I'll take my leave.
  2. I work in a rural and impoverished community. Our circumstances are unique and things happen here that shouldn't or wouldn't happen other at 'normal' places. Anyways-- I was being asked to take an admit on the inpatient floor which I refused with the charge nurse blessing, because she had a minor child with her (less than 12y/o). They had no one to come get the girl and I said I can't admit a patient and just have her kid hang out here. What does a normal hospital policy look like in regards to patients who present to an emergent care facility and then need admitted?
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    Possible adult admit with minor child in tow

    Nay, I knew the kid is less than 12 y/o... the kid happens to be 8.
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    Possible adult admit with minor child in tow

    I get calling CPS/Social Services but for us, that is not necessarily and immediate response thing, especially on the weekend. The family structures out here are so broken. :S Honestly, in another part of the country this mom may not even have custody of this kid (btw who is less than 10 y/o). There are no taxis or buses out here, and if there was, still no relatives to accept the child. So..here we are, going on day 2 of babysitting. I am very happy they did not ask me to take this patient because I would have been furious that nothing further had been done to get this girl to suitable care. I'd be responsible for a child who is at the nurses desk every 10 minutes requesting things for the mother. I mean that means we are the guardian and legally responsible for this child and any mischief she gets into, if anyone should touch her wrong, if she should play with dangerous equipment, wander off ward, disappear with a stranger, eat something she's allergic to, fall down??? I don't know--its such a tricky situation where you really want to make sure this patient is cared for but taking a personal risk in a very non-ideal situation. And we've set a precedence now that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with. (I could do mom's and neonates-- no problem as anything super acute for mother would not be at our hospital and also we are "Baby Friendly.")
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    Possible adult admit with minor child in tow

    I can't think of a precedence here and both my senior nurses (one being the charge) said we can't take the patient and the child. I asked the ED to call up a senior person to get approval and guidance if they want me to take the patient. Mother was coherent but supposed to be on fall and seizure precautions with bedrest and q3 neuros. I'm really surprised that you were able to admit with 2 children. It just seems a huge responsibility on the nurse and legalities to essentially take charge of a patient and then two minor children (or one in my case). I'm not really sure what other options would be available other than a prolonged stay in the ED until the morning. I intend to address the issue with our seniority so we have better guidance going forward so I hoped the community had some beneficial input.
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    Disturbing things that I heard Dr.s say in the Labor room

    "This is the pain of your baby being born" "Okay, so I'm going to need you to shut up and calm down. You're not helping anyone right now by doing all this screaming."
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    Loan forgiveness options? Help!

    Loan Repayment | Career Opportunities and Loan Repayment Program | Indian Health Service (IHS) "The LRP awards repayment of up to $40,000 for qualified health profession education loans to clinicians who commit to practice in health facilities serving American Indian and Alaska Native communities for an initial two-year commitment." (with opportunity to renew year by year after) Jobs | Indian Health Service Washington state isn't really a "high needs" are so getting an award for there is less likely than many other areas. I'm in South Dakota!
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    Looking for fellow Muslim nurses.

    Alhamdulilah-- just turned over a 1 year mark in my job and while my location is a challenge I couldn't ask for a better first job as far as experience, pay, and benefits goes. Plus!! I am doing my dream work more often than not-- I've gone from noob nurse to THE OB nurse of my shift :) Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest!) HE is the best of planners. My favorite part is--- student loan forgiveness. I'll be free, insha' Allah (God willing) of this debt in another 2 years.
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    Loan forgiveness options? Help!

    I suggest to you, and all to look into Indian Health Services. You have to be willing to make some sacrifices and select a sight that is in need, but there are plenty. 20,000+$ a year in student loan forgiveness :) In two years or so my student loans and interest will be paid off. In 3 years I'll be a fully vested federal employee. Check it out and be willing to move to a location that needs you. Its a small sacrifice for the kind of burden it will relieve. If you can sacrifice paying for years to go to college, getting paid for a sacrifice is nothing at all. IHS Loan Repayment Program :) google it .... an opportunity for several health careers to take advantage of and give back to a very very needy population
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    Looking for fellow Muslim nurses.

    I think my comment was misunderstood anyways. I'm having trouble getting interviews right now so I am not being discriminated against based on my appearance. I've only had one in person interview to date. We have a lot of Muslim men and women in healthcare around here- not so many in hijab/veil. Eventually, God-willing I will find a first job. :) I'm too determined to quit
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    Hijabi Nurses

    I think this is more or less my plan too--buy one piece amirah style. I was trying to see if I could hear with the steth over a thin hijab but my experiements weren't to successful
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    Looking for fellow Muslim nurses.

    Checking in with my sistas Hihi again-- forgot to subscribe to this so didn't check back on it :) @Enlightenedx: Honestly its mostly a new nurse thing I think, and being a new nurse in a super saturated area. If I had had more than one interview, one might speculate, that its discrimination. However-- I can't get my foot in the door. But racism end? Ha... I just saw a survey the other day where some 80-90% polled (can't remember but it was high) said they'd vote for a black President or woman but only 40% would vote for a Muslim. @ BlueLightRN: Don't be afraid to ask questions. I know alot of people are afraid to offend, but most my friends and I, we don't care if people ask questions. As long as they aren't questions like... "do you have to wear that head thing in the shower?" (yes...this comes up on more than one occasion) As for me I always have a sense of humor
  13. I'm the valedictorian of my class. I can write well, speak well, and interview well. I've taken at least 3 interview/career classes with different organizations in my lifetime. I've had my resume and cover letter professionally reviewed by HR people and a charge nurse. I've delivered some 100 resumes and counting over 6+ months. I don't smoke. I don't drink. I wear an expensive business suit. I arrive on time (early). If I have the chance to send in something concrete I put 10$ into a fancy portfolio, professional prints, and expedited shipping. I don't care if I have to move and leave the house we just bought a year ago behind, though so far I've been canvassing my area and anywhere within an hour driving distance. I try to apply somewhere every day but often I apply lots of somewhere's. I would accept anything offered. I've applied to a couple out of state places. So far I've had 3 interviews for one company competing for a residency. Its 15 days until the program starts and I haven't been called back yet. I must be doing it wrong.... The only thing I can think of is I don't know the right people and I don't have any formal health care experience. I'm not sure where to go next. I could apply anywhere but that's a lot of options and I need some direction to narrow it down. Any help, advice, or encouragement is appreciated.
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    I must be doing it wrong- 7 months and counting

    I'm in the Saint Louis (MO) region. I'm searching that area which is super-saturated with 15 or so nursing schools in the area. Still...
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    HELP! New Grad trying to get 1st Job in St. Louis

    Heya-- just want to say St Louis totally sucks for new nurse jobs. I'm a Sept 13 graduate and still pounding on doors since Aug 13
  16. Monkey Nurse

    I got a job!!!! BOO-YOW!

    Fantastic-- thanks for sharing and a huge congrats. I knew I was doing it wrong. I was proactive but not stalking...
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    job search after accelerated nursing program

    Employment while in an accelerated program is difficult but IMO its a must-- I'd probably start about a year into my program if I had to do it over again. Now I'm a graduate of an accelerated program but I know nobody and have 0 experience or contacts and I wish I could do it over. I can't find a job to save my life but all the previously employed people in my class have got jobs at their respective agencies.
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    I feel like I'm going to get fired.

    I think the experts have probably given you excellent ideas (I'm just a newb). If I was you, I'd consider some other type of nursing if the other suggestions don't prove fruitful. There is so much that can be done as a nurse that maybe you just need to rethink your current career direction. I know not all places have the best mentors and training but I'm hoping you have someone there you can confide in and figure out what kind of help you need to make all this go better for you. You didn't survive nursing school by being stupid-- I can be confident in that.
  19. Monkey Nurse

    Looking for fellow Muslim nurses.

    Wa alaikom salam (and peace be on you) I am a Muslim nurse-- not yet found a job after 6 months. I'm excited to connect with others, God-willing.
  20. Monkey Nurse

    Hijabi Nurses

    I know I've seen old threads for nurses in headscarves/hijabs/veils. I graduated 6 months ago and am looking for my first job. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to work hijab and a stethescope.