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  1. SunCityInsPhysical

    Texas Abortion Law

    I completed my Nursing degree in 78. As a responsible, mature adult who went to school in the OLD DAYS. I'd like to remind everyone that we've had 50 plus years of opportunity to teach young women about birth control measures, I received first-gener...
  2. SunCityInsPhysical

    Do you think you are a "hero"?

    I came out of retirement at 67 to help out at Chemo Clinic where my friend was being treated. They were terribly short-staffed. I know I've been exposed to Covid 19 more than 4 times by patients, families, ancillary staff, and the general public. I ...
  3. SunCityInsPhysical

    6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    I support you in your stand for realistic nurse patient ratios. I've retired after 40+ years of being expected to work short staffed and overtime. All the mandatory on Call hours. HOLD FAST. ITS WAY PAST DUE FOR AN UPDATE TO WHAT FLORENCE NIGHTIN...
  4. SunCityInsPhysical

    Legal obligation for disaster relief

    I'm so glad to see this topic under discussion. Should NOT be left up to individual states or hospitals. Way past due for Nation licenses and protocols. I was victim of short staffing crisis.After a grueling 12 hours on my feet staffing leve...
  5. SunCityInsPhysical

    Make a Not to Do List

    Great advice. So obvious that we all overlooked it. My new years plan was to keep a progressive TO DO list which is a hard cover notebook. I made a list of guidelines for the list. I use one half or whole page per project (if complex task). I keep ...
  6. Your artical caught my eye. Well written and valid content. After two on the job injuries I had to be Medically retired 5 years ago. I wasn't ready, after only 35 years. Hahaha, if I added up all the overtime I've worked I've probably got 50+ years u...
  7. SunCityInsPhysical

    Off duty RN scope of practice on an airplane.

    Having worked as a Nurse for 38 years ten of them doing travel contracts, some offshore and some in the bush, I've criscrossed the country and have had many oportunities to make the decissIon to make known my training as a Nurse and decide whether ...
  8. SunCityInsPhysical

    Well, Isn't This Special

    The hospital I used to work for issued cells that the patients could call us on, it was educational for the patient I was working on. Excuse me, delivering quality one one bedside care...oops don't forget to mention x 5 plus all their families, fr...