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  1. enfermeria

    I Hate Nursing School!!!

    To me, nursing school is temporary. You just have to put up with it for a while. Clinical bedside nursing is more permanent, since it is what you will actually do after graduation. As long as, you do not hate your clinical rotation much, you are fine.
  2. enfermeria

    I HATE nursing! (long)

    My mom do "utilization review" in a state in Southeast US (can't tell where for confidentiality purpose). She review medicare/medicaid those kind of stuff that I don't completely understand. She got only 23.5/hr... not too bad...That would make about 40,000 and somethings a year. It is a office job...8-5 M-F. I know you would make more being staff nurse in hospital
  3. enfermeria

    Bkat - New User

    I wish I take this test rather than "PBDS" that I have to take at the end of my probation period. Some of you probably know about it.. It is much harder than this test.....
  4. enfermeria

    Visa Screen Certificate waiting time

    Should be at least 4-6 weeks after they "received" your all your documents. But I graduated from US nursing school... so they may take less time to evaluate my transcript...
  5. enfermeria

    Visa Screen Certificate waiting time

    I am certified now. I do have not it in hand now but they just mailed it yester day. It takes 2 and a half week for me AFTER they recieve my "latest documents", in other words, after my status changed to "READY FOR REVIEW". Although I submitted my transcript 2 months before. However, it took me 2 months to pass NCLEX and submit it to CGFNS. The clock starts when you submit ALL documents. I just wonder whether it will take the same amount of time if I just submitted all the documents at the same time.
  6. enfermeria

    Foreign Nurse (non-US) Education Levels

    In fact, nurses from phillippine speak very good English. Their accent and communication skills are much better other Asian nurses or nurses from other countries. As a foreign nurse, I look up to them.
  7. enfermeria

    hospitals sponsoring greencard

    At least, you can get summer intership or request for your senior practicum in the hospitals that you know for sure that they will sponsor foreign nurses. This will provide you a first step into the hospitals. Go to the job fair and ask around. You many get job offer even before you graduated. Good luck in your study...
  8. enfermeria

    Real nurse vs. TV nurse.

    I still remember the episode where Carol Hathawy burned out with nursing and desired to go to med school.... One of the male doctor console Carol that " nurses did not do many things that doctors do." When the young female doctor told her to clean up "code brown", she said " Yeah! You are right. I wipe butts and take order from 25-years-old doctor". The younger female doctor also told carol that " I was kicked out from nursing school before.. I am not good at taking order".. This kind of scence in TV may devalue nursing.... But you can't help it...That's the way they think. If the public image is too good and if everybody want to be a nurse, we will be competing for jobs right now.. :chuckle We may lose public value because of this but businesswise we still have "market value"..Thanks god... there is still a shortage.. That's why we can still find the job we want ...
  9. enfermeria

    Visa Screen Certificate waiting time

    Customer service told me that after everything is submitted, it takes 4-6 weeks to review all documents or the lastest required document is filed... My status is shown as "READY FOR REVIEW" for almost 3 weeks now. If it has passed 4 weeks and they haven't evaluated my documents, I will ask my lawyer to go ahead and file the petition without visascreen. :angryfire ... Waiting for VS delaying the time for petition... do you think so?
  10. I am stressed.... so I just want to vent... I just wonder if anyone is in the same situation. May be you can give me some advice. I am a "foreign" US-educated BSN new grad working under OPT in MSICU in east-coast USA. As a new grad, starting real world nursing is a bit overwhelming. Starting in ICU internship with no prior ICU experience during school can add a bit more stress due to higher expectation on skills and performance from hospital. Moreover, as a foreign citizen, most of us on this post probably know that my VISA depends on my employment. I will also have to pay over $3,000 myself to immigration lawyer for paperwork and fee. I have no contract based on my immigration issue but I have contract based on critical care intern. As you know, I have to keep the job to keep my VISA and get $3000 worth. For US nurses, if they don't like the job or the hospital don't need them, they can just switch job... but I can't.. it is also more difficult to find a new job due to sponsorship issue. On top of this, I am a non-native speaker of English. I speak 2 languages in addition to English. I am frustrated that I have to switch languages between the times at home and at the hospital and when hanging out with friends...who don't we all just speak English... I speak fluent English with good accent accents in COMPARISON with most people from my country whose language is totally from English. However, I do have problem. It is intimidating to work around ICU staffs who speak PERFECT English with marvelous accent. Most nurses are either native speaker or Filipino nurses with good English. Moreover, since English is not my native language, the details about patient care tends to fall out of my brain easier than the native-speaking counterparts... although I understand English very well.... Oh... finally, I passed NCLEX but FAILED very difficult PBDS assessment** test (anyway, most new grads have to retake it). I am very angry. I have to retake the test in 3 months at the end of probationary period. And you know I SHOULD be able to pass. There is NO study guide for it... Let me know if anyone know study guide for this test...I don't know what hospitals will do to those who don't pass 2nd time... Almost every night before going to work, I can't help being anxious... On my day-off, I try to read and study about nursing and can't help thinking about job... It is not merely a job to me... >$3,000, visa, and my career goals depends on it.... I like nursing in many ways because it really change my personality and teachs me so many things... I like my current job...and I can't afford to lose it... Most of my non-nursing friends don't understand why I still have to spend time studying since I no longer go to school. nevertheless, by far thing goes well... I got the job I want with good working environment, good starting pay... Just need to look toward the future and do my best... Sorry for long posting.... I feel better now.... ** PS... PBDS tests are administered at some hospitals to new hires for the purpose of screening people.... "Some" but not all hospitals do hire and fire based on the result of this test. Here are the related posts about this test https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?p=902940
  11. enfermeria

    Problem with CGFNS

    I graduated from the US nursing school. All I did is to hand the "request for academic record from visascreen" (in the application packet from the website) to the registrar office. My dean filled out these from, then the registrar office sent this from along with the transcript to CGFNS. The nursing school is not supposed to get any form from CGFNS. YOu just request them to sent transcript and the above form to CGFNS. I am sorry. May be I did not understand your situation correctly.
  12. enfermeria

    F1 to GC without OPT

    Thanks for sharing, Tim... Huh... I am glad that I am not the only one with F-1 to Green Card route. I think you won't have a problem.. The only most important thing is to find a sponsor that is willing to sponser you before the experiation of you I-20 or F-1. Without working under OPT initially with hospitals, it might be harder to get a jobs from them. But I think you will be fine. Hospitals now hire so many new grads now. If you can pay for the legal fee by yourself, I could not find any reason why they wouldn't hire you.
  13. Should I wait for visascreen before filing I-140 and I-485? I passed the board last month (July) and started working as a RN intern since last month on OPT from F-1 visa in a hospital in Southeast USA. My visascreen application was partly completed. I just sent in my high school transcript. Nursing school transcript was evaluated. I should be exempted from English test. I just sent the request for license verification to state board. I will probably receive my hard copy of my license this week or next week. My lawyer strongly advised me to wait for the Visa Screen before filing the case. It is because of his concern that there may not be time after approval of I-140 to obtain visascreen in time... as a result of faster visa processing. In my opinion, I would just want to go ahead of file it... because the immigrations and laws can change and I don't want to lag behind... In addition, visascreen is almost completed... what's the point of waiting for? Will the case be faster if the immigration office notice that the application came with visascreen? Have any of you filed the case without visascreen? One more questions... should I use the lawyer that hospital recommended or should I find other lawyer? ( I pay for the service) The hospital-recommended lawyer claimed that he has all paperwork from the hospital.... and that makes the process easier because hospital may not want to give financial statement and confidential documents to other lawyers. It seem that this will make the job easier for me if I hire this lawyer to do my case.
  14. enfermeria

    I feel so stupid!

    We are in the same boat..new grads in critical care... First day, I cared for patient with Swan... and I know nothing about it.. except what we were tested on NCLEX... I am always afraid that the my preceptor may think that I know nothing!!... I am nervous trying to keeping up with the knowledge by reading about everything in nursing so that I can feel that I know SOMETHING... I don't want to feel so "blank" when going for the rotatiion
  15. enfermeria

    New grad orientation programs

    They make us take PBDS competentcy on the first day without warning :angryfire It is useless. It put unnecessary stress on us and wasted time, which can be used for concentrating on clinicals. I don't recommend you using it. I think 6 month is too long but it is appropriate for critical care area. Our hospital, orientation is 1 and a half month for Med-surg.. 5 and a half months for critical care. I can't give you much information because I just started a few weeks agos.
  16. enfermeria

    New Nurse Training New Nurse

    I disagree with you.. As a preceptee, I prefer new nurses because they are more generous and lenient. This might be the reason why many preceptors are young in my units.