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  1. MissNursingBee

    Out-of-state NP Programs

    Hello all! I have a question that I’m hoping may be able to be answered by someone who has had or currently going through a similar situation.. I’m looking into pursuing a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner degree in the near future and from my research, have found that there only seems to be a small handful of reputable schools with this type of program across the country. I am currently living in Illinois working as a full time Peds RN and was wondering how absurd or challenging it would be to attend an online or hybrid school in another state. I understand that a lot of the programs have some sort of on-campus requirements, mostly just a few times during the course of the program. Is there any one out there who attends an out-of-state school and travels for these on campus requirements and what is your experience like?
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    Not sure if this is the right place to be asking this, but thought I'd start here! I just graduated with my BSN in May, and I am having some serious trouble even getting an interview after sending out a countless number of applications. So my question is, would it be a good idea to volunteer at local hospitals, possibly get my name out there and do some networking? I'm not sure if I'd be better off spending the time applying for more positions (I never knew how time-consuming the application process can be - phew!). Does anyone have any experience with volunteering post-nursing school and successfully finding a job this way? I have no previous healthcare experience other than clinical, which I'm sure is hindering my ability to land an interview. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  4. MissNursingBee

    pearsonvue trick

    Let's just say congratulations are in order! :)
  5. MissNursingBee

    NCLEX soon, pharm help?

    I absolutely agree with RN403. Study common drug suffixes and choose the most logical answer. No one is expected to know everything about every drug out there, but it's always possible to end up with a question on the NCLEX with some obscure drug you've never heard of - especially now that they are only including the generic name for a lot of medications. But again, knowing suffixes will help! Study a bit more in detail on common drugs that have need-to-know protocols/side effects/labs - Digoxin, Lithium, Lasix, Nitros, Heparin, etc. I was always freaked out about pharm as well, but it didn't seem quite as scary once I took the exam. :) Best of luck!
  6. MissNursingBee

    Paying license fee after passing NCLEX-RN

    So I found out I passed the NCLEX-RN this morning. I'm hearing of people saying they sent in the license application and fee to pay for their license. Does anyone know exactly how to obtain the application, or if I should be expecting a letter in the mail soon? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. MissNursingBee

    Going crazy!!! Nclex 24 hours

  8. MissNursingBee

    Going crazy!!! Nclex 24 hours

    Crossing my fingers for you!
  9. MissNursingBee

    pvt. just took nclex

    I checked the second I got into my car after taking the exam - about 10 minutes later - and it worked! I checked religiously throughout the day to make sure I was still getting the good pop-up, and sure enough I was. Found out this morning I officially passed! Good luck!
  10. MissNursingBee

    2 Days till Nclex....

    I was in the exact same boat - you feel like you need to know EVERYTHING. But take my word for it, once you read the question, if you paid any attention in nursing school, the answer will come to you :) You know it! Good luck to you, you got this!
  11. MissNursingBee

    My NCLEX schedule is getting near

    It's great that you're taking the time to answer a lot of questions - that's probably the best way to truly prepare yourself for the exam. For those you didn't answer correct, thoroughly read the rationale and understand why that is the correct answer and why the answer you picked may not have been the best answer. This will definitely help jog your memory when you sit for the exam. I felt myself recalling similar type questions on the NCLEX from the Q&A book I used to study. It's difficult to feel 100% confident going into the exam - just read each question carefully, analyze it, write down key words if you need to, and read every answer individually, telling yourself why that answer may or may not be true. Remember, you have the knowledge it takes to pass! Just breathe :) Good luck tomorrow!
  12. MissNursingBee

    SATA questions?? or they as hard on nclex ?

    I also went into the NCLEX completely freaked about the SATA questions because during my studying I always did terribly on them. Unfortunately I cannot compare the NCLEX to Kaplan because I didn't use their study material, but I can say that the SATA on the NCLEX were MUCH less intimidating than those I answered in my Lippincott Q&A book. I felt that the answers were based more on the basics or key points that nurses must know about a specific scenario, medication, etc - Things that are drilled into our heads in nursing school. I took the NCLEX yesterday and had probably 8-10 SATA and have received the good pop-up! Waiting for the official results tomorrow :)
  13. MissNursingBee

    ATI Live Review

    My school also had us attend the ATI live review. Fortunately, the representative I had was great and really focused on what we needed to know and focus on to pass the NCLEX. I took it today & have received the "good pop-up" - keeping my fingers crossed! I actually did a lot of my studying with the ATI Comprehensive NCLEX Review book that was provided to us at the live review and feel like it helped me a ton, considering it's to-the-point and very easy to read. During the review, try to pay close attention to strategies given regarding how to approach the NCLEX questions. The prioritization strategies that the rep taught us were great and REALLY helped me with the exam - focus on timing, acute vs. chronic, trends vs. transient, stable vs. unstable, etc. I found there to be a LOT of, "Who would the nurse see first?" questions. As for the ATI Virtual, I did not take it, but heard it can be rather difficult. I suppose it all depends on your learning approach. I enjoyed the live review because I tend to retain knowledge better in a classroom setting rather than in front of a computer screen. Everyone's different! Best of luck to you!
  14. MissNursingBee

    Thank you all

    Never give up! Good for you for not letting it defeat you and having the willingness to keep at it! Nursing - let alone the NCLEX - is not an easy thing and it needs people like you who will work hard and remain persistent! Keep your head up & best of luck on all of your future endeavors :)
  15. MissNursingBee

    PASSED my boards!!! I'm a nurse!

    Congratulations! I take mine this coming week... SO nervous!