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    Thank you, Oceanblue52 , to be honest with all the classes and clinicals I had forgotten to even visit the site. Just read all posts for my questions.... Some people can be cruel without knowing any information or facts.....also appreciate very much positive and encouraging comments....
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    Thank you, for the advice. I got much more comfortable now, after few practices....
  3. sara2013

    IV compatibility

    To look for IV compatibility when your patient is on several IVs, IV pushes, and physician orders more, what is the most effecient way to find information? I know that some IV machines in hospital settings have IV database where you could check, but how can I find the info fast before I enter the patients room? If I need to start different IV site.....Going through the textbook takes some time and we are not given that much time. I am sure nurses know more effecient way to find this info, if you do not mind to share... Thank you,
  4. I am curious if there are any nurses/student nurses with memory impairements/cognitive deficits. I understand that you have to have good memory/cognition to get through nursing school and practice, but is there anybody who has done it with disabilities, and if yes any strategies/compensatory technicues? Thank you
  5. sara2013


    Hello, I am a current nursing student and have very bad anxiety for skills check off and simulations. My mind just goes blank, have no idea how I am going to do in actual clinical setting. I know my things but et all disorganized with my check of routine and assesment when my anxiety goes up, which is always when I am even suppose to talk in front of people. ... I do ok with theory and testing ...but not assesment/clinicals.. Any ideas/tips? I was told there was an herb supplement to calm nerves, but forgot the name. Any of you have any useful tips/suggestions? I appreciate any feedback.