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  1. Texas86RN

    Nurses and their pens

    Dr. Grip gel pen , must be bold black ink, this is my favorite!
  2. Texas86RN

    Where can I find free CE's?

  3. Texas86RN

    Ambulance transfer service name suggestions?

    Fast Track EMS, Alert Care, Heart EMS, Health Force EMS, First Class EMS, First Choice EMS, County Name EMS, Allied EMS,
  4. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads! We are cooking and spending time together, watching movies, TV shows
  5. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads! We are cooking and spending time together, watching movies, TV showsí ½í¸€
  6. Texas86RN

    Social Life Concerns

    Just be sure that you give your employer the required notice for days off , and you should be fine, most nurses manage to have family and friend time, don't let yourself become overloaded though, it can be a stressful job
  7. Texas86RN

    I've been a nurse since.....(fill in the blank)

    I've been a nurse since 2006, we had kardex careplans and all paper charting , MARs, and orders then, I've worked in med surg, LTC , home health, pre admission, and surgical, I've enjoyed most of my patients, coworkers, and positions, I'm proud to be an RN:nurse:
  8. Texas86RN


    Prioritize , and make a checklist to use everyday, glance at it often, everything comes easier with time
  9. Texas86RN

    Props to Esme12

    That's a great post , I'm sure she is very happy to be acknowledged for her contributions. It is nice to see positive things
  10. Texas86RN

    No more 12 hour shifts?

    I worked 12 's for awhile , and I've got to hand it to anyone who has done it for many years, I know that I couldn't , 8 would be my pick, I do not fore see that happening where I live, not even mentioned
  11. Texas86RN

    having difficulty deciding..LPN or RN?

    Yes , think about what will work best for you, it is a tough road for anyone to obtain the RN license, set that as your goal and work toward it, if it means LVN first, then that will help you gain some knowledge along the way, best wishes
  12. Texas86RN

    Business Brainstorm

    The legal nurse consultants I have heard of do that as a side job, maybe until they have enough clients, what kind of things are you good at , as for options for other jobs, baking? Pet grooming? See if you could get a job somewhere auditing pt charts , LTC, hospital, government positions
  13. Texas86RN

    nursing & tattoos

    Nursing is a professional atmosphere , and visible tatoos are frowned upon, and the dress code regulations will most likely become stricter
  14. Texas86RN

    nursing & tattoos

    Yes wait, the op are right, and believe me in nursing things can get stressful and chaotic, and you will not want to wear long sleeves all the time
  15. Texas86RN

    Nursing: Then and Now

    I love to hear past stories of nursing, and how things were done then, I always ask senior nurses about stuff when I meet one, when I first began nursing we had paper charts and a kardex
  16. Texas86RN

    50 shades of heyyyyy...(warning long)

    I wish you the best of luck