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LittleTwinStars has 14 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Home Health.

-LTAC -Med-Surg-Tele -Intermediate/Progressive Care -Emergency -Travel -ICU -Home Health

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  1. LittleTwinStars

    Houston Area Home Health with Company Car

    Not sure if I can post here, but Traditions Health is looking for home health staff, particularly LVNs, for the Houston area and down to Galveston. The pay is good, the workplace is very healthy, you get a company car with all expenses paid that can ...
  2. LittleTwinStars

    BON being questioned

    Any state that has the yee-haw "tough on crime" mindset loves cracking down on nurses by using the slippery slope argument of the killer neurosurgeon in Dallas. They don't see how toxic and petty most reports are.
  3. LittleTwinStars

    Entitled Nurses

    Florence Nightingale herself said, "The martyr sacrifices themselves entirely in vain. Or rather not in vain; for they make the selfish more selfish, the lazy more lazy, the narrow narrower." Empty cups cannot give, and self preservation is not selfi...
  4. LittleTwinStars

    Nursing's Dr Fauci!

    Are there any nurses in very prominent positions as advisors? Cori Bush of the Congressional House of Representatives comes to mind as a good candidate.
  5. LittleTwinStars

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    We managed to take actions against ITT Tech and The Art Institute, and even University of Phoenix was dropped by some entities.
  6. LittleTwinStars

    Home environment-infestations

    I keep a couple puppy pads in my bag to lay stuff down and sit.
  7. LittleTwinStars

    Best 3/4 Sleeve Shirts For Under Scrubs!

    I need to wear 3/4 sleeve shirts under my scrubs, as I get cold easily and I don't like rolled up long sleeves falling down. Over a decade ago, I bought a bunch of 3/4 sleeve boatneck knit tops from Old Navy, but they have long gone threadbare or hav...
  8. LittleTwinStars

    I'm Quiet Sometimes, Not Bipolar!

    I just started a new night shift ICU job, and got to know my coworkers. Fast forward a few shifts. I'm tired from consecutive shifts, there are less questions for me to ask, and I'm concentrating on my work. I said "Not now please, I'm trying to stab...
  9. LittleTwinStars

    Growth Opportunities at a Small Hospital?

    I just started an ICU job at a small hospital in the suburbs. My previous job wasn't TSICU, but definitely acute with lots of sepsis and withdrawal cases that taught me to think on my feet. In my new job there's an ER and ICU, but neither are acute m...
  10. My new job requires hunter green scrubs, which already kind of limits brands available. My favorite scrub line (Radiance Flex) does not carry this color, can only be found in a few stores, and is being discontinued . I know that Cherokee makes hunter...
  11. LittleTwinStars

    "You're too smart to be a nurse. Be a doctor"

    So you want to be treated by dumb nurses?
  12. LittleTwinStars

    Pre-employment drug testing; urine vs hair

    I've never been hair tested, and I think it's only done to confirm a history. I've only done urine. From what I've heard about hair, they pull out a hair rather than cut off a chunk. Don't worry, and drink plenty of water before the drug test.
  13. Ugh, what a privileged jerk. I don't usually wish pain on others, but I think that people like that could use a bout of kidney stones, a back labor, a broken bone, a throbbing back muscle sprain, etc. to give perspective and hopefully empathy. I onc...
  14. My rules of report time: 1) If you are being unbearably rude, then I won't take or give report until you are able to act civilly. I can wait. 2) If I am giving you report, please don't constantly interrupt with questions. You are filling out your bla...
  15. LittleTwinStars

    Favorite sayings

    If you have the energy to whine, then you're going to be fine!