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  1. Just an update: Ohio BON replied and they did in fact receive my CES report. It looks like the CGFNS requirement on their application might also refer to the CGFNS program (separate but supposedly easier exam than the NCLEX); just a guess. I never as...
  2. Appreciate that, exmooks! I too am drawn to the affordability of living there. I'm from British Columbia. I'll update if I get a response from CGFNS/Ohio. Cheers.
  3. Hi exmooks, Thank you for your reply. How is working in Ohio so far? I will first wait for a reply from CGFNS and the BON. As a last resort, I am willing to pay CGFNS to re-issue (if only it were cheaper!). It's a shame, since it's electron...
  4. Hey everyone, I had my Credentials Evaluation Service (Professional) Report (CES) sent to the Ohio Board of Nursing in June 2021. This looks like it has not been received per the BON's review checklist. Per CGFNS, the "report has been sent elect...
  5. miizetheral

    Canadian getting licensed in Ohio

    Canadian Examination Applicants.pdf
  6. miizetheral

    Canadian getting licensed in Ohio

    I'm going to attach the full document that the Ohio BON sent me when I first inquired about licensing there.
  7. miizetheral

    Canadian getting licensed in Ohio

    Hi, I'm also a Canadian RN seeking Ohio licensure. That is very unusual. You should be able to reply by reciprocity as you have an existing US license. You should NOT need to retake the NCLEX. Here's a piece from a document they (Ohio BON) ...