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  1. Thanks for the information .....What is the difference between an AAS as a Practical Nurse,and an AAS as a Registered Nurse? I know quite a few RN's that pursued the AAS for registered nurses...during the third semester they sat the LPN boards,and during the final semester of the nursing course they sat the RN boards;subsequently there are many AAS RN's who are also licensed as LPN's too.
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    FAQs For First Generation College Students

    This is a very good article; pursuing the arts, and science before nursing will produce well rounded individuals is indeed a fact. Let me also point out that individuals who have done so are flexible, they have the option to change careers more often than a person who went straight into nursing…..not the done thing now a days. Long ago my great-grandmother,and grandmother had no choice; they learned how to nurse on the job…not in any college, or school…for them it was hands on practical training, not much theory, and that was a lifetime profession for them....that's how the informal midwives were trained and they did a good job too.