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  1. morelaur

    New grad in need of NCLEX studying advice

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to update you with good news. I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions!! Thank you for all of your wonderful advice : )
  2. morelaur

    New grad in need of NCLEX studying advice

    https://klimekreviews.com/ I think you can purchase here.
  3. morelaur

    New grad in need of NCLEX studying advice

    Thank you all for the wonderful advice! I take it in 15 days and I'm a nervous wreck. I'm wishing now that I had scheduled it sooner. I have been trying to do 75 questions a day on Uworld but it's hard to find the time since it takes so long and I have a young daughter. Uworld said I have a "very high" chance of passing so let's hope it is right!
  4. morelaur

    Just got my NCLEX results! Pearson Vue Trick wrong?

    First of all, congrats on passing! That's amazing. I hope to be in your shoes next month... Can you elaborate more on the "Peason Vue trick"? I've never heard of this before.
  5. Hey everyone! So I am doing UWorld to prepare for the NCLEX. I was just wondering, for those of you that did that or something similar, how many questions per day did you do? I am trying to do 75 per day because that is the number of questions I hope to pass in but it is proving to be VERY time consuming. Any other studying advice is welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. morelaur

    New grad in CVICU

    No advice, just wanted to say good luck to you! That is VERY exciting. I'm sure you will do great!
  7. morelaur

    Resume help?

    Thank you for your feedback. I have revised it to add my work experience.
  8. morelaur

    At A Crossroads

    Hey there, I think you should follow your passion! You haven't committed to nursing school yet so it's not too late. If you see yourself going the Pathology Assistant route, then that's what you should do! Nursing school is a commitment and it will suck up A LOT of your free time and at times, your sanity, not to mention it is a huge financial commitment, so I recommend being 100% positive it's what you want to do. If not, follow your heart! You will be happier in the long run. Best of luck to you!
  9. Hey there my fellow nurses, So I am in my last semester of nursing school and where I live, the local hospitals have opened applications to apply. I submitted applications to 4 hospitals. The one I really want to work at requires us to pick our specialty of choice and we only get to interview with that department's nurse manager. I picked the ICU because I felt at the time it was a good fit for my personality; I'm detail-oriented, intelligent and analytical. I also enjoyed my ICU clinical in school. However, I suffer from an anxiety disorder and I worry sometimes that it will hinder me from being successful in the ICU. I see my anxiety as being both beneficial and crippling at the same time. For one, it makes me more careful, alert, and in tune to potential problems. I feel like it is part of the reason I am able to learn so quickly and remember information.... but on the other hand, I don't know if I could critically think under pressure like in a code situation (I don't know because I've never actually been in one). That, coupled with all the stories I've heard about how stressful the ICU is, have me second guessing my decision. I know Med Surg is not for me because having 5 patients at a time scares me, but I have considered maybe starting on a Tele or Step-down unit first before going to ICU. I'm just curious, do any of you nurses work in the ICU and suffer from an anxiety disorder? If so, have you been successful and how? Would you recommend I start on a lower acuity unit first before going to an ICU setting? Would love some feedback from you lovely nurses. My interviews are next week and if I'm going to change specialties, I have to do it soon! Thanks in advance : )
  10. morelaur

    Resume help?

    Hey there everyone! I am FINALLY in my last semester of nursing school. The area I live in is desperate to hire new grads so they are opening job applications next week and we aren't even done with school yet until May!! It's exciting, but also nerve wrecking because I don't completely have my resume together yet. I have one that's put together, but I'm not sure if it's good enough as this is all new to me. Can you offer any advice on how to make a new grad, entry level RN resume? Here is what I have so far. Critiques are welcome and appreciated. Thank you! Resume 2.docx
  11. I know this is an old post but I can't thank you enough for writing this! I am going through this now... I am currently a junior in a BSN program so I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row now so that I won't be too delayed in getting my license after I graduate. Do you know what kind of background check the BRN performs? I want to request the same one so that I can make sure that I include EVERYTHING on my application. Thanks again for your help : )
  12. morelaur

    BRN background check?

    Hey fellow nurses/students! I'm now a junior in a nursing program and need to start the process of preparing my case to present to the BRN about a past conviction I received many, many years ago... So my question is.... what kind of background check does the BRN perform? I'm asking because I would like to have the same background check done on myself prior to making my case so that I can be sure to have all the necessary evidence I need. Thanks in advance : )
  13. morelaur

    CSUB Nursing hopeful Fall '16

    YES! I was. Start monday. How about you? : )
  14. morelaur

    CSUB Nursing hopeful Fall '16

    Aww man! I'm sorry. I hope you get into another school you applied to though!
  15. morelaur

    CSUB Nursing fall 2016

    i am too! What do you mean by stats?
  16. morelaur

    Should I worry?

    Hey guys! So I am waiting to hear news on whether or not I got accepted into my program of choice. One of the questions on the application was whether or not I had any past convictions (felonies or misdemeanors), and it said to report them even if they had been expunged. Well, unfortunately, when I was young and dumb, I got charged with possession of marijuana. I had to do 6 months unsupervised probation, which I completed with no problems. I have never been to jail. And that was my only charge. This happened about 9 years ago when I was 19, and has since been expunged from my record. BUT I am really worried that this is going to negatively impact my changes of getting into the program. My advisor said its not the charges that they consider but rather, the fact that it might be hard to place me in a job after I finish the program. I haven't had any problems to date getting a job and I have applied to MANY jobs that have done background checks, all of which have come back clear. So my question is, have any of you been accepted to a nursing program who have had a record? If you are already a nurse and you had a record at one point, did it affect your chances of getting a job? Any experiences or advice to share would be much appreciated!! I am worrying myself sick over this. Thanks!

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