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  1. Hi! I'm expecTING A baby in july and I am hoping to go back to school to get my RN shortly after he is born. I would like to go full time but I do not want to go to an on campus school full time. I'd prefer to do a combination of online and on campus classes to minimize time away from the baby and babysitting expenses. I've searched but am coming up with minimal results. Excelsior keeps popping up-but I hear it's expensive and not sure all credits would transfer to another college later on. Hondros is another option. Does anyone have experience at either of these schools, or another suggestion for me? I'm desperate. Also, as a disclaimer, I am planning on getting my associates before my bachelors so that I can start working as an RN and make better money and have experience before getting my bachelors. I'm not opposed to skipping my associates and going right for my bachelor's, but I would prefer to get my associates first. Thank you!

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